2014 World Cup Brand Watch: Buffalo Wild Wings launches on Instagram, Samsung’s Galaxy 11 videos reach millions

    Great night. Fuuuuun night #bdubs #buffalowildwings #fannerisms ???? by haileemae16 via Instagram
    Great night. Fuuuuun night #bdubs #buffalowildwings #fannerisms ????
    by haileemae16 via Instagram

    Strong visual plays continue around branding campaigns for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

    Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. is using Instagram Direct — which lets users choose whom to send photos and videos without them appearing in the feed search or profile — as part of its 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil marketing play to reward fans.

    The restaurant launched #Fannerisms the week of June 9 on the Facebook-owned photo platform, according to a news release.

    Buffalo Wild Wings posts fan caricatures they’re calling Fannerisms under its B-Dubs account and asks fans to share photos on Instagram using the #Fannerisms hashtag. Fans then get rewarded through the Instagram Direct feature.


    Clikz reports that Buffalo Wild Wings fans uploaded nearly 1 million photos to Instagram before the restaurant launched an account on the channel — that’s based on use of #buffalowildwings and #BDubs hashtags.
    Buffalo Wild Wings joins brands such as the Gap, Kardashian Kollection, Michael Kors and GoEnnounce, who are using Instagram Direct, according to Clikz.

    Team Galaxy 11 multimedia series

    Samsung’s campaign around the Galaxy 11 team continues to be strong. Forbes reports that the campaign has been watched more than 130 million times since the company began teasing it in the fall.

    The “#Galaxy 11: The Training” video with Lionel Messi and other stars has been ranked as one of the top World Cup marketing videos with more than 52 million views on YouTube.


    #GALAXY11: The Training
    by Samsung Mobile via YouTube[/blockquote]

    Samsung launched two smartphone games — a FIFA version with Electronic Arts and Galaxy 11 vs. mini aliens have more than 1.5 million downloads, according to Forbes. Alien fighters in ‘The Match: Striker Soccer G11‘ game compete for prizes including a Galaxy 5S.


    #GALAXY11: The Match Part
    by Samsung Mobile via YouTube[/blockquote]

    Celebrating the wins

    What’s more iconic than the sound of Goooooooool during a match? Volkswagen of America, not a World Cup sponsor, aims to one-up official sponsor Hyundai with its Gooooooooolf Celebration Videos to promote the Golf GTI, according to several reports.

    The digital Golf ads are scheduled to run on Univision.com and ESPN.com when a goal is scored and fans will hear Gooooooooolf, according to Advertising Age. The automaker ran a homepage takeover ad on ESPNFC.com June 24 and has another one set for July 4 on ESPN.com, according to Advertising Age.

    The Golf GTIs cars featured in each video coordinate for whichever team the ad is rooting for. There are nearly 100 such Golf GTI ads on Volkswagen’s YouTube Channel page so far for the more than 84,000 channel subscribers and general audience to view.

    The gaming element works works hand-in-hand with the entertainment hook to lure soccer fans to interact with the ads. Plus, the built-in audience is already interested in sports, so the competitive gaming strategy seems like a logical and natural fit.

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