3 Best Practices for Repurposing Your Content to Save Time and Money

    When you’re creating a new piece of content, the possibilities seem endless. Your finished product could go viral, could inspire thousands of conversions, and could serve as the foundation for your next marketing campaign.

    On the other hand, it could fall flat.

    We’ve all been there. The fact of the matter is that content creation isn’t easy. With so many competing deadlines to consider, and often limited resources on a marketing or content team, it’s tough to justify a net-new content piece without a strong case for building one from scratch.

    We suggest re-evaluating your existing content through a different lens. Whether you’re spinning up multiple assets from a research report or taking a second pass at making a current asset more engaging, we’ve rounded up our top three best practices for repurposing your content to save time and money—and to support your demand gen goals.

    Best Practice #1: Create Net-New Assets with Repurposing in Mind

    Any great content piece starts with its strategy.

    When you’re in a planning session with your team, come prepared to talk through each phase of your idea. By determining your audience and what they will gain from this content piece, you can better define the content’s interaction with each stage of the buyer’s journey.

    If you’re starting with a robust content piece, like a research report or a white paper, we suggest mapping out similar assets that could resonate at each stage. While a lengthy research report is definitely bottom of the funnel material, an infographic or a blog post on the topic could be the perfect fit for someone looking for an introduction or tips for getting started.

    When you create a net-new asset with repurposing in mind, you are setting the stage for your team to work more efficiently. You’ll also have tons of great material to A/B test with different segments of your audience, like sending a different asset with an email campaign.

    Best Practice #2: Make it Interactive

    Adding interactivity to an existing asset is a fantastic way to repurpose your content—and to gain valuable insight into your audience.

    When we worked with Demand Metric on a survey, we produced a 40-page report full of statistics. By transforming the report with interactivity, we were able to create a highly engaging interactive infographic that our salespeople could send to prospects and easily talk through on the phone.

    With different elements like tabbed content, interactive charts, and tweetable quotes, we provided the reader with an impactful experience that would allow them to more easily digest the report.

    Repurposing static content into interactive experiences also gives you the opportunity to collect valuable data about your audience. What elements are they engaging with? Where are they dropping off? These are all data points that can be used to strategize for your next piece of content—whether static or interactive. 

    Best Practice #3: Turn Your Content into an Experience

    In our upcoming webinar with Content Marketing Institute, we’ll dive into how we created an interactive experience that we took to an in-person event to engage with prospects. Over a two-day span, we had 275 people complete an interactive assessment at our booth, creating a “full-circle” content experience that we used to engage in real-time.

    If you’ve created an eBook or white paper that’s been performing well, consider hosting a webinar or a live Q&A session on that topic. Giving a live presentation connects you with your audience on a more human level, and allows them to ask questions as they watch. 

    Join Us for the Demand Generation Summit

    Looking for more tips to repurpose your content? Join us on 10/23 as we present at CMI’s Demand Generation Summit, a half-day webinar event where thought leaders from across the industry will offer best practices for maximizing your demand generation results. 


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