A Beginner’s Guide to Wine

Updated: February 12, 2021

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Whether you’re planning a party for guests you’d like to impress or attending one, choosing the right bottle of wine — to serve or bring to the host — can be a daunting task. The learning curve is steep and, dedicated oenophiles aside, few people have the time, money or even the refined palette to really get to know the many types, aromas, food pairings and serving suggestions for this popular drink. Enter infographics. For those who would like a quick-reference guide to wine basics, WineInvestment.com recently published the infographic below, aptly named A Beginner’s Guide to Wine. It walks you through the basics, like learning to read a wine label: To more intricate details, like the different aromas that you may or may not be able to taste as you drink the wine: And if you don’t know what glasses to use for the different types of wine, that information’s in there, too, right alongside an interesting index of wine coloring: The clean, minimalist design of the infographic makes it not only a useful reference tool, but one you could hang on your kitchen wall, as well. It also shows that “data visualization” can go well beyond traditional charts and still convey useful information. Or maybe wine is just one of those topics that just lends itself to visualization easily.

A Beginner

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