A chat within a chat

    In between your third cup of coffee today and bites of the half-eaten muffin that once was breakfast and now is lunch, you’re probably looking for ways to be as efficient as possible.

    Enter Rock Content’s internal chat.

    Without having to leave the content production screen, you can chat about and manage the flow of incoming posts when there is more than one producer. It’s unpublished, so your audience can’t see this magic behind-the-scenes.

    Check out this example of our recent Scribble Chat. As you can see, Miles was directing the questions as the live Q&A was running.

    Cropped Court Reporting

    The final product was a cohesive live Q&A, where the right people were answering the right questions, and when someone was writing their post Miles could wait for their reply before posting a new question.

    So how do you use it? It’s very simple.

    Do you use the internal chat? What do you think? Let us know at [email protected]!

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