A note to our clients

    You are probably aware that Rock Content did not operate optimally during today’s Apple announcement. Some customers experienced intermittent problems logging in or updating events. To a large extent, these issues affected only new visitors to events and were not noticeable to people already viewing the live page.

    We are presently investigating the cause of these problems. Clearly they are related to the unprecedented amount of traffic and an unanticipated avalanche of new accounts created in the moments preceding the event and shortly after the collapse of other competitive services.

    Any interruption in our service is unacceptable to our team. We will be working diligently to further bulletproof our infrastructure. We will also be crediting affected customers for their traffic incurred today.

    We will be contacting customers directly with a more complete explanation when it becomes available.

    Thanks for your trust and continued support,

    Michael De Monte


    Rock Content

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    Content writer at Rock Content.

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