Adapt real-time syndicated coverage to audiences speaking different languages

    Your audience isn’t an English-speaking one, but you’re still interested in picking up authoritative real-time coverage like AP’s of the Presidential Inauguration.

    Not a problem. Rock Content’s advanced post feature – along with the side Rock Content tab on the right hand-side column – can help you out. Key features include the abilities to:

    • Preview the incoming syndicated stream;
    • Pick particular posts or elements of posts from a syndicated liveblog and write captions in your own language;
    • Add extra context about the material you are pulling in, to help your audience understand the incoming syndicated event;

    Here’s a 8-step process applied to the example of the upcoming AP liveblog on Presidential Inauguration 2013.

    •  Create a fake ‘mirror’ event (called Incoming Syndication, perhaps). Do not attach it to any template or embed it. Readers won’t see it, and it will only be visible on your backend.
    • Go into the Syndication Marketplace and pick the live coverage you are interested in. Select it, click on “Add to existing event” and tick the box “Include up to 100 previous posts?” Add it to the event called Incoming Syndication. This creates a connection between the two liveblogs, and the former will start feeding into the latter one.
    • Go into your main event. There is a section called Advanced, whereas on the right-hand rail there is a tab with the Rock Content logo. These will be the tools that will help you from now on.

    Advanced Post

    • Here, you can create an Advanced Post.  If you select the ‘Incoming Syndication‘ event from the drop-down menu on the right, you can see all the content in that liveblog.

    Create a new Post

    • From here, you can drag and drop the best posts into the workspace on the left, creating content that fits your local audience.
    • Play around with it! Add captions, background info, context, original material of your own.

    Create a new Post 2

    • Remember to email [email protected] if you have questions about how to use the module and to have it activated in your account.

    Rock Content also has a few other tools to help you adapt a syndicated English liveblog to your non-English audience:

    • Manual translation: Your users can translate the content of your embed into another language by clicking on the Gear Icon. Just remind them how to in a Pinned Post.

    Two simultaneous liveblogs: La Repubblica in Italy pulled in English coverage of the Obama-Romney debate. How did they do it? They ran two liveblogs on the same page – one in Italian, and one in English.

    Remember that the Advanced Content Module working area (in your main dashboard, on the left hand-side) also allows you to:

    • Publish an “advanced post” in multiple events at the same time, which is handy if you are dedicating more than one liveblog to the same big event;
    • Prepare posts for later use in your specific language: multimedia content can be pre-packaged and pulled into the stream during the live session.
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