Apple’s WWDC Keynote: A Live Blogging and LiveSyndication Success

    We are very pleased that yesterday’s WWDC Apple Keynote event was a success for all of our clients that live blogged it. As usual, the world’s top tech blogs used our platform to cover Tim Cook’s exclusive presentation. There’s no event like an Apple event: they’re sold out within minutes and are not streamed live. This allowed liveblogs to take center stage in delivering the exclusive content to the masses.

    In addition to providing a platform to blogs like Mashable, CNET, AppleInsider and The Next Web, we also had two top tech sites utilize our LiveSyndication technology to distribute their live coverage to over 20 different Rock Content clients. Each client had the ability to pull in original content, social updates and reader comments onto their own site.  Apple event content is very sought after and through our syndication marketplace many news organizations were able to deliver the exciting updates to their readers in real-time.

    We look forward to September, when Apple’s next event is scheduled and, as usual, a big announcement is expected.  We’ll be there to support the world’s best tech websites and top news organizations in providing high quality, real-time content to their viewers.

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