The Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Marketers

It’s official – artificial intelligence is here to stay. Today’s hottest artificial intelligence apps are helping brands like yours streamline their productivity processes. Here’s how to make them work for you.

Updated: May 15, 2024
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These days, it’s impossible to do anything online without hearing about artificial intelligence (AI). You’ll likely stumble across another way AI is revolutionizing the world of digital marketing.

Businesses and individuals are leveraging various AI apps to overcome productivity challenges and become more efficient.

But how can a modern business owner navigate the myriad of AI options and select the best applications? Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know, along with some tips for making satisfying choices.

    Understanding Artificial Intelligence Apps

    Artificial intelligence applications are specialized programs designed to perform various tasks. The tasks in question may be simple and routine or quite complex, depending on the app and its purpose. Apps can also be industry-specific or general-purpose.

    Such applications help improve productivity and business output by automating tedious tasks, analyzing data, and even streamlining essential functions like content production.

    According to research, nearly half of today’s businesses use some form of artificial intelligence to boost productivity, particularly when it comes to repetitive tasks.

    Best Artificial Intelligence Apps of 2024

    The right artificial intelligence app for your business depends entirely on your current needs and ongoing marketing goals. Here’s a brief look at a few of the hottest, most popular apps in 2024.


    Claude is an impressively prolific chatbot developed by Anthropic.

    It’s capable of remembering up to 150,000 words within the context of a single conversation, making it a great solution for clarifying documents, solving problems, or performing data analysis.

    Source: Zapier


    If you’re in the market for a capable AI option that generates impressive original graphics, Midjourney has you covered.

    Bring your imagination to life with verbal prompts that may be as simple or complicated as you like — although the images generated may not be as accurate as you’d like, as you can see in the example below.

    Midjourney also works via Discord, making it one of the best AI apps for Android or Apple.


    There are many AI writing assistants capable of facilitating high-volume content creation, but Jasper is easily one of the most efficient in 2024.

    It also comes complete with user-friendly templates, automation capabilities, image generation features, etc.


    ClickUp has modern brands covered when it comes to effectively streamlining workflows, evaluating team performance, giving completion estimates for various projects, and much more.


    This comprehensive project management application takes the guesswork out of tracking, planning, assigning, and communicating when it comes to a wide range of different marketing projects.

    AI Tools in Use: Success Stories

    At this point, numerous businesses across multiple industries are exploring various applications of AI and coming out ahead as a result. Here are a couple of top-tier examples to show you what’s possible and get you inspired.


    Coca-Cola recently implemented a high-powered AI marketing tool called Albert to take some guesswork out of optimizing its iconic marketing campaigns. Powerful machine learning helps Coke’s marketing team crunch customer data, identify patterns, and brainstorm adjustments based on observed behavior.

    JPMorgan Chase

    Artificial intelligence apps are an especially great fit for data-forward industries like finance, as evidenced by JPMorgan Chase’s implementation of the virtual assistant.

    Machine-learning algorithms help the financial giant’s data team organize and make sense of countless receipts, documents, invoices, and so on. Automation also helps free up human team members for other tasks.

    Choosing the Right AI App for Your Business

    If you’ve been exploring the world of artificial intelligence apps for long, then you already know just how many choices you have at this point.

    Here are some expert tips on making sense of your options, settling on a choice that’s right for you, and successfully adding it to your workflow.

    Consider your marketing needs

    When choosing any new software option or productivity solution, it’s crucial to fully consider your current and future business needs before diving in.

    Think about your current marketing goals, as well as any challenges you might be facing. Then start evaluating appropriate options. Check out our write-up on how we use AI at Rock Content for a little inspiration.

    Understand the limitations of AI

    Although many AI apps are indeed nothing short of miraculous, it’s important to understand they aren’t magic bullets.

    For example, while AI tools are great at crunching numbers, organizing data, and identifying patterns, they’re less efficient at genuine innovation or creativity.

    Consider combining the capabilities of AI options with human ingenuity where it makes sense. For example, Jasper or ChatGPT can help you outline and plan content, but leave the bulk of the creating to your human team members for the best results.

    Factor in learning curves and training

    Unless your business is currently a one-person show, you likely have an entire team of people to consider when implementing a new solution.

    How tech-savvy is your staff? What additional training might be required if you select a particular solution?

    Use the answers to these questions to cobble together a plan to successfully implement any possible AI solutions into your larger workflow.

    Future Trends in AI Applications

    When it comes to AI’s potential for improving business function, streamlining production, and maximizing output, we’re only just getting started.

    According to some predictions, AI could boost profitability by 38 percent by 2035 and double overall productivity rates in the workplace.

    Here are some examples of how that could look across multiple industries in the future:

    • AI’s potential for behavioral analysis may help prevent various types of fraud, including credit card fraud.
    • AI will further streamline multiple administrative tasks across various industries, including education, law, healthcare, and finance.
    • AI’s ability to optimize the user experience makes it a shoo-in for value-rich tutorials aimed at consumers, team members, entrepreneurs, etc.
    • Tools like chatbots will become increasingly human-like and advanced, effectively revolutionizing customer service departments.

    As you can see, artificial intelligence apps are more than just popular. The right options provide helpful ways to streamline any business workflow, making teams more productive in the process.

    The right human content creators can help you optimize your workflow even further, adding the perfect level of balance and expertise to your digital marketing strategy.

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