Joey Hoelscher

Rock Content Writer

Joey Hoelscher is a freelance web content writer who believes content is for humans, not just search engines (though those matter, too!).

He brings a human voice to tricky topics like consumer tech, B2B SaaS, managed IT, digital marketing and more.

He’s also a freelance musician and has worked at the convergence of music and content writing, producing web content for music shops, private studios, and musicians.

Prior to his full-time freelance journey, Joey spent 8 years in editorial and editorial management at an educational publisher.

When he’s not writing or building his business, Joey spends his time with his wife and their two awesome boys and pursuing various freelance musical endeavors.

7 Posts published

What is a Perfect Blog Post? Example + 5 Steps to Create One

Creating blog posts that perform can seem like a game of roulette: sometimes you win, most times you don’t. But by emp(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Oct 19 | 10 min read

Find out How to Grow Blog Traffic Faster with Compounding Blog Posts

Compounding blog posts are a highly effective way to grow blog traffic for your business, but creating them takes foreth(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Oct 13 | 9 min read

How Interactive Content Helps Meet Your Marketing Goals

Achieving your digital marketing goals requires ongoing focus and regular reevaluation of strategies. Should interactive(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Sep 24 | 8 min read

Understanding the Challenges of Getting High-Quality Talent in the Hiring Crisis of 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic disruption has created a complex labor environment where high-quality tale(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Sep 20 | 9 min read

Are Blogs Outdated in 2021? Find Out the Answer

If you're faithfully blogging, but your results aren't what they used to be, maybe you've started to think that blog pos(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Sep 13 | 9 min read

Product Branding: How this Strategy can Help your Business Grow?

Product branding is an important strategy that helps consumers identify and differentiate one product from another. Busi(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Sep 2 | 7 min read

How to End a Blog Post? Proven Top Strategies for Writing Conclusions

You’ve said everything you wanted, but you know you can’t finish your text without a proper conclusion. So, what you(...)

alt Joey Hoelscher
Sep 1 | 7 min read

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