Bell raises awareness and funds for mental health with seamless content marketing initiative

    The best content marketing should seem so natural to the brand that you don’t event think of it as marketing. This is precisely how I think of Bell’s Let’s Talk initiative, raising awareness and money for an important cause while amplifying their brand and encouraging use of their services.

    Today is Bell’s “Let’s Talk” day here in Canada. It’s an initiative launched in 2010 by the telecommunications giant to raise awareness and funds for mental health programs across Canada. A topic very close to Bell’s CEO George Cope, whose mother lead the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) here in Toronto after both her brothers committed suicide.

    Bell has several initiatives planned for today, they are donating 5¢ to mental health programs in Canada for every text message sent out on their network today, a clever way to raise funds and promote use of their service. You can also tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk to participate in spreading awareness and support for mental health as Bell agreed to donate 5¢ for that too.

    They even promoted the tweet, reaching over 32,455 retweets at the time this blog post was written at 11:00am EST, resulting in over $1622 raised from that tweet alone. By adding ‘Bell’ to the #BellLetsTalk hashtag, Bell ensured that their brand was being promoted as well as the mental health initiative.

    Bell also owns a large portion of media in Canada, including CTV, who are also facilitating live discussion around mental health today. They’re using our platform to host a live discussion around mental health with experts and front-line workers. The discussion has been live since 7am this morning and has resulted in moving and informative conversations, revealing the issue and stigma that those affected by mental illness suffer.


    The discussion has has hundreds of reader comments and is still live now, you can join it at

    Take a look at some of the conversations and feedback:

    • Thank you Bell and CTV for raising awareness about this very important topic. Too many people suffer in silence and don’t seek help due to stigma. – Andrew Cichocki 
    • we all have opportunity to steady lives around us each and every day…take time to listen …if you are not a good listener then try to learn to listen a bit more…most of us want to be listened to but how many of us want to listen? Life is way too short. We need to make it count. Make your day count. Let’s Talk! Rory Butler 
    • ‘ve been suffering from Depression since my teens. OCD since long before that. I made a documentary on my struggles to hopefully help inspire those who think you can’t live your life while dealing with the demons. Feel Free to watch it if you wish : – Kevin McGrath 
    • I am so grateful this is taking place. I work for the BC Provincial Government and I can tell you, they really need to pay attention. I came forward with the fact I had anxiety with severe panic attacks and ended up needing some time off (3 months) after working 15 years, and I was punished by having my pay cheque cut off twice as well as my benefit package cancelled and my medical service plan not paid. – Jacquie 
    • Thank you I look forward to reading this. It was hard to come forward and the sad part is, all of us who suffered the same treatment are monitored and disciplined for any sick time taken. Talk is talk but their actions unfortunately still go on. – Jacquie
    • If we can spread the word that help is available, recovery is possible and people with mental health issues can and DO lead full, happy and successful lives – just look at Clara Hughes. It really shows that mental illness does not define a person. Givien the stat – one in five – it means everyone is either directly or indirectly affected and yet it is virtually silent and invisible – we need to change this. Let’s make stigma stop NOW. – Mary Deacon 
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