2018 Demand Metric Study Findings: Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Demand Metric’s 2018 study and webinar provide a closer look into different types of content and their effect during each stage of the buyer's journey. Learn more about the key insights found in the study.

    What effect does content have on the buyer’s journey? Through their latest research study and webinar, Demand Metric set out to discover just that.

    As a sponsor of the study, ion partnered with Demand Metric in their analysis of what makes buyers engage—and what types of content impact their decision-making. The key difference between buyers moving forward and buyers standing still? You guessed it—the buyers making moves are those that have been influenced by engaging, interactive content throughout their journey.

    To better understand the buyer’s journey, let’s review the study’s key findings.

    When Do Buyers Reveal Themselves?

    When a buyer makes their interest in particular a company or service known, they have revealed themselves. Once they’ve made the decision to make a purchase, they will begin to interact with different products or services through their research.

    A buyer’s journey can be divided into three stages, with the early stage being the most critical.

    Demonstrated below, 37% of study participants felt that buyers revealed themselves in the early stage of their journey, or as soon as they knew they had a need.

    Demand Metric found that 78% of study participants believed that it was at least somewhat important to engage buyers earlier in their journey than is currently occurring. This shows us that our buyer can (and should) be influenced by engaging content from the very beginning.

    Content and the Journey: When Does It Work Best?

    Ninety-six percent of those surveyed believed that content interactivity affects buyers’ decisions during their journey. But we have to ask—at what point in the journey is content most effective?

    Nearly half (46%) of participants believed that content is most effective in the early stage, when the buyer is still gathering information about their needs. Another forty percent of participants believed that content was most effective during the middle, or consideration stage, which indicates that the middle stage can also produce meaningful dialogue with the buyer.

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Demand Metric created a 5-point plan of action for marketers to start effectively leveraging content. Interested in learning more? Find the plan, along with other tips and actionable insights, in Demand Metric’s webinar on Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey.


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