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5 Reasons Why Content is the New Ad

If content is the new ad, then engagement is the new click-through. In other words, it’s one the benchmarks advertiser(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Apr 1, 15 | 5 min read

The Future of Journalism — Tools Every Journalist Will Need in 2015

We asked Joan Van Tassel, a professor who teaches courses in strategic communication at National University, to write a (...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Mar 27, 15 | 5 min read

Opportunities for Personalization in the Travel Industry

Travel is one of the most logistically complex and data-heavy consumer-facing industries in the world. There’s nothing(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Mar 25, 15 | 4 min read

5 Visual, Social Media Travel Content Marketing Wins

What better way to persuade someone to book a trip than to take them there using compelling photos and video? Storytelli(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Feb 26, 15 | 6 min read

5 Examples of CPG Content Marketing Wins

CPGs are increasingly turning to digital, mobile and social platforms for brand awareness and audience engagement. Emark(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jan 27, 15 | 6 min read

Top 9 Tips for Finding and Working with an Advertising Agency

Non-traditional advertising goes beyond simply getting a name out there. Goals such as fostering engagement and creating(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jan 21, 15 | 9 min read

5 Tips for Content Marketing ‘Boring’ Products, Services

Understanding what your customers want means putting yourself in their shoes, knowing their problems and offering soluti(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Nov 10, 14 | 5 min read

Why You Need Content Marketing Planning Tools

It is abundantly clear that successful content marketing requires a content marketing plan. But what tools can you use t(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Oct 8, 14 | 3 min read

Why Should CEOs Care About Content Marketing?

When people watched the Budweiser Super Bowl ad of the Clydesdale running down a Chicago street to reunite with its trai(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Oct 7, 14 | 7 min read

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