Where To Find Certified Technical Writers?

A technical writer can be a powerful member of your team, especially if you work in a technical industry. Knowing where to find certified technical writers is important for your growth.

certified technical writer

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When it comes to content production, there are very few types of content writers as skilled as technical writers.

A technical writer can help you take very complex and technical subjects and translate them into simpler concepts that can be understood by a majority of your audience, not just the experts.

However, not all technical writers are the same. Some specialize in certain industries, and some don’t have the experience level needed for your business.

A great way to check on the qualifications of a technical writer is to see if they have any certifications. In this article, we’ll help you learn what certifications are important to have, and where you can find certified technical writers.

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    Why Hire a Technical Writer?

    Hiring a technical writer isn’t necessary for every business. However, if you work in a technical industry, such as healthcare, chemistry, aerospace, or finance, having a technical writer can be very helpful.

    A technical writer can take a complex subject like financial risk management or medical terminology and write about it in a way that can be understood by a general audience. This helps you expand your reach and influence over key audiences. It also helps you communicate clearly with your customers.

    Without a technical writer, you might struggle to explain your value to potential customers. You might also find it hard to set time aside to create content that is necessary for business growth.

    By finding a qualified technical writer and working closely with them, you can improve your content production, distribution, and overall quality.

    Which Certifications Should You Look For?

    Not all technical writers have certificates. However, there are a few technical writing certifications that are helpful to know about if you work in specific industries.

    We’ve compiled a helpful list of certifications that you should look for as you search for a technical writer for your business.

    Bachelor’s Degree

    You likely want a technical writer with some amount of college-level experience in writing, even if they don’t have an English or Writing major.

    Professional Technical Writing Certification

    This certificate is offered through many writing programs as proof that the writer passed the course.

    Certified Professional Technical Communicator

    This certification is offered by the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and comes in three levels: Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert.

    Medical Technical Writing

    If you work in the medical field, then this certification offered through the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is a great certificate to look for in a technical writer.

    Tech-Writer Certification

    This certificate is offered through accredited universities as recognized documentation for technical skills.

    Certificate in Professional Technical Writing from the University of Washington

    While most schools don’t have a technical writing degree, the University of Washington offers a program that helps build a foundation of technical skills.

    Where to Hire Certified Technical Writers

    Now that you know why hiring a technical writer is important and what types of certifications might be useful, let’s explore the places where you can start your search.


    WriterAccess is a content marketing service and freelance marketplace with a large talent pool of technical writers.

    No matter what industry you work in, WriterAccess has writer profiles with experience in that area. You can browse through the available profiles and find writers with certifications in technical writing or post an open project with specific guidelines so the right writer will find your project.

    By working with a freelance technical writer, you can save on your resources instead of hiring a full-time employee.

    You also will know that whoever is writing your technical content won’t be distracted by other office tasks or pulled away for another internal project. Once you’ve found the right freelance partner, you can continue to work with them for many projects so they become even more well-versed in your specific industry niche.


    Another place to look for certified technical writers is LinkedIn.

    This professional social media platform makes it easy for technical writers to list their certifications and even link to proof within the platform. You can browse through profiles or post a job opening on LinkedIn.

    You also reduce the amount of spam replies and fake applications by going through a professional platform like LinkedIn.


    Upwork is a freelance marketplace that can help you connect with technical writers and certified writers in your industry.

    After posting a job, you will receive bids from freelance technical writers who can explain their certifications and showcase their most prestigious awards.

    Upwork is a popular platform for both regular content creation and technical writing, so there is a large pool of writers to explore. However, keep in mind that the quality of writers may vary, so verifying their certifications upfront is an important step,


    Indeed is the most popular job site online, and is a great place to post a job opening when you are looking for a technical writer.

    You can list very clear job requirements, including technical writing certifications, as you create your job listing. You can also use Indeed’s platform to request writing samples or give assessments to potential writers, so that you know for certain that the people you interview are qualified for the position.


    Finding a skilled technical writer is important for businesses that work in technical fields. However, making sure that the writer you work with has the right skill set is an important part of the hiring process.

    WriterAccess connects you to certified and qualified individuals for your technical writing needs.

    If you want to learn more about WriterAccess, then visit us to get a free 14-day trial. Then you can explore the platform and see how we can connect you to the best technical writers and boost your content production.


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    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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