Change Log: CSS & JS API SDK, Improvements, and Bug Fixes


    The next step in making it easier for clients to use our API is our new CSS & JS SDK. All of those acronyms mean that now clients can include two files that save them countless hours when working with our API. If a developer uses our open source recent posts widget as a starting point, these files will make advanced posts, slideshows, tweets, and polls look and feel good right out of the box.


    • Implement Getty images LinkConnector affiliate program in Getty images social sidebar search.
    • Minor changes to improve reliability when creating new threads and banning users.
    • Further improvements to our commenting queue to prevent events with heavy commenting from affecting other events.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that prevented uploading png images as the market featured image.
    • Fixed a bug that caused images to be added to the end of a slideshow instead of adding them to the position they’re dragged in.
    • Changed a link on the syndication settings page that was linking to the old syndication marketplace.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented comments submitted via email from being sent to the parent from the child syndication event.
    • Fixed a style issue that was capitalizing every word in the more info tool tips.
    • Fixed a bug that sent links within posts incorrectly when using tweet+post with a link back.
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