Change Log – December 4, 2013: New market currencies, tweet+post uses promo url, improvements & bug fixes.

    New Market Currencies

    You can now choose between CDN, USD, EUR, and GBP when setting a price for your event. You’ll find the option on the syndication set of setting up an event, or on the syndication setting page of already existing events.

    Tweet + Post Uses Promotional URL

    Tweet + post now uses the promotional url if your event is not connected to a white label site.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    • Created an API call that returns the lat & long for the most recent 50 posts to be used by a map on the new sales site.
    • Fixed a bug that took you to the wrong page of a white label template when the event was closed a post order was reversed.
    • Improved the logic used when adding the event notifier to an event.
    • Changed the default Article title from Draft Post to Untitled Article.
    • Fixed a bug that incorrectly sent more than 140 characters to Twitter when sharing an individual post.
    • Improved the speed at which post permalink pages replicate to all of our servers in hopes of eliminating the possibility of someone clicking a link that doesn’t yet exist when using tweet + post.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Twitter’s terms of service pop up to not display when using auto-follow and auto-post for the first time.
    • Fixed a bug that ignored the discussion on/off setting when creating an event via our mobile apps.
    • German UI translation improvement in email notifier.
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