Change Log – December 9, 2013: URL Preview and Getty Image Improvements

    URL Previews

    This hack day project created by JP and Sabrina is now built into Rock Content.

    When you paste a URL into the post box (quick and advanced) you used to get a clickable link, now you’ll get an image (if there is one, a slideshow if there are many), the title, the source, and a summary along with that link. If you include text above or below the URL it will be added below the URL preview.

    This makes for a much more engaging experience and allows users to get some info about the content that is being linked to before deciding to navigate away from the event.

    Check out this before and after example using the same url.

    Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 1.44.44 PM

    Getty Improvements

    A few minor changes to the Getty image sidebar search:

    • Show a message when there are no images returned.
    • Make approving images into the event happen instantly.
    • Style changes to unify the look and feel with the other sidebar columns.
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