Get to Know the 4 Content Marketing Awards Finalists from Rock Content

    As Content Marketing World draws closer, we’re particularly excited to recognize the four 2018 Content Marketing Awards finalists within the Rock Content family.

    Here’s a round-up of our 4 featured finalists.

    Rosetta Stone: Manufacturers’ Roadmap to English Language Training
    Best Infographic

    Rosetta Stone looked to Visually to create an engaging portrayal of key information on the topic of English language training in the workplace. Recognized in the Best Infographic category, this piece shines with its crisp and colorful imagery, highlighted statistics, and easy navigation.

    As it works through the state of the industry and dives into specific challenges and solutions, the infographic concludes with a high-value five-step action plan.

    Pitney Bowes: Shipping Guide eBook
    Best Corporate Book

    In order to be truly effective, an eBook needs to be engaging. Pitney Bowes used ion interactive to transform pages upon pages of static content into a comprehensive resource that both demonstrates necessary shipping information and engages the user.

    The resulting eBook is peppered with interactive elements, including tweetable quotes and test-your-knowledge quiz questions. Divided into chapters, the information in the shipping guide is made more relevant to the user, and is easily navigated by all.

    Rock Content: Content Marketing Maturity Assessment
    Best Use of Interactive Infographics

    We started out with a static version of our Content Marketing Maturity Assessment. Then, we added interactivity using ion. The result has become one of our most frequently used assets.

    The ion Creative Services team transformed the assessment into an easy-to-use format that gives the user a result in five minutes or less. It’s an incredible resource that we use to get to know prospects’ challenges and goals, and the insights provided by interactive content give us access to each point where the user engaged.

    ion interactive: Marketing Technology Stack
    Best Infographic Design

    We set out to demonstrate the breadth our marketing technologies in an interactive format—using the ion interactive platform, of course! This ion interactive-specific piece was designed to showcase the day-to-day functions of our marketing department, serving as a fantastic resource for seasoned marketers and tech gurus alike.

    Meet Us at Content Marketing World 2018

    We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to our featured customers—job well done! Interested in learning more about one of the examples shown here? Come visit us at Content Marketing World, where we’ll be talking content that performs from September 4-6.

    Who knows—you might just find yourself on this list next year!

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