Conversion Conference – LIVE from Keynote 1

    We’re live from Las Vegas! See below for live updates from the first keynote of the conference.

    Good to Great: The 8 Ways True CRO Masters Think Different Than Everyone Else
    by Lance Loveday, Closed Loop

    1. Enchanters – the way you interact with people is critical, be authentic. communicate well.
    2. Adventurers – they get out there. people sought out the hard jobs, they get bored with routine. Test adventurously. Push your comfort zone.
    3. Questioner – They love wins but also love surprises. Be unattached to the test outcome.
    4. Devourer – don’t accept the easy answer, don’t rely on any single input.
    5. Humanitarian – Hug a stranger.
    6. Conqueror – Pursuing things with passion, constantly improving themselves. Largely self taught. Focus is on finishing well. They seek out the hardest opportunities, because they get the most out of the experiences. Our bodies change our minds.
    7. Architects – The sense to complete the dots, the architects are able to synthesize from different disciplines.
    8. Empowers – Help people full fill their potential, and to improve. Lift someone up, help them to be the best they can be.

    Our Livestream from the keynote!

    This is just day 1! Lots more to come so follow @scribblelive, @jessjoyce and @tararobertson for more highlights from the conference.

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