The Digital Marketing Job Market Is Hot And Needs Specialists. Learn How You Can Stand Out!

digital marketing job market

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The market is hot for Marketing professionals right now. A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup found that the shortage of skilled labor reached 75% worldwide. Among the main areas demanding talent are technology, sales and, guess what… Marketing.

Companies and brands are looking for talent in Marketing, and the professional who is best prepared for this rising tide within the profession stands out.

The opportunities become even more attractive when we add the “remote work” element to the preferences. According to Forbes, marketing is the second top industry for remote workers in 2023.

So, to help you take advantage of this sweltering market (whether to enter the area or take a leap in your career), we have selected the booming areas to focus on.

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    SEO Specialist

    SEO is the set of strategies with the objective of bringing the best answers to people’s questions and, thus, gaining prominence in the ranking of search engines, such as Google.

    The professional in this area is responsible for understanding how to align the company’s business objectives with the SEO objectives, planning, applying, and following a strategy that will guarantee more organic traffic to the website and blog — and, consequently, more leads and sales.

    The SEO specialist must, above all, know a lot about the audience they are talking to, but also follow Google updates and understand how to plan and produce content in the way that users expect.

    Also, to help in your work, it is important to know how to use keyword tools like Keyword Planner and Semrush.

    As it is essential in the strategy of organic traffic in Digital Marketing, that is, in actions that will bring traffic to the company without investing in ads, this specialist is increasingly being valued and sought after.

    Social Media Manager

    It is practically impossible to think of a Digital Marketing strategy today without involving social networks. HubSpot’s State of Marketing Trends 2022 report, in partnership with Rock Content, Litmus and Wistia, points out that social media is the most important channel for 44% of companies — followed by blog and Email Marketing. Social media remains crucial this year.

    But of course, in an environment as populated as the main networks, it is not enough to just “be there”. It takes efficient brand management, a qualified professional, and/or a team behind it.

    The social media manager is responsible for exactly that. On a day-to-day basis, they perform content planning, prepare the editorial calendar for social networks, manage campaigns, and monitor results.

    This professional needs to keep up to date not only on platform settings and updates but also on social media content and trends.

    As it is the face of the company, it is also essential that it is aligned with the business objectives and the image it wants to present to the market.


    Copywriting is the text production strategy that, in Digital Marketing, aims to convince the reader to take an action you want, for example, buy your product or download your ebook.

    A copywriter is nothing more than the professional responsible for producing these persuasive texts. And for having a fundamental role in the sales process and other conversion strategies, this professional has been highly sought after by companies.

    What’s more, it’s an even harder skill to find among professionals. According to a survey by Unsupervised, 39% of professionals surveyed said that copywriting and Email Marketing are the weakest skills in their departments.

    This professional is responsible for producing content in text format for Digital Marketing campaigns and strategies focused on conversion. It can work directly with Email Marketing, social media campaigns, ads, video scripts, subtitles, product launches, etc.

    The copywriter, when producing the text, must follow the techniques and triggers to persuade and sell with words – and that is why it is critical that this professional knows the persona for whom they write, and masters the copywriting elements.

    Wrap Up

    The current Digital Marketing job market presents a hotbed of opportunities for career development. The demand for skilled professionals in areas such as SEO, social media management, and copywriting is on the rise.

    Companies are actively seeking talent in these fields, and those who are well-prepared stand to shine in this flourishing industry.

    With remote work options also on the rise, the prospects become even more appealing. It’s time to seize these opportunities and make your mark in the exciting world of Digital Marketing.

    There are many opportunities for Marketing professionals out there, and the market is looking for the best candidates.

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