Do it quirky: Tailor-make your own liveblog widgets

    Some newsrooms are doing an amazing job of making their liveblogs prominent on their homepages, and one key way they’re doing this is through a simple little widget.

    Do you remember the recent posts javascript API widget our Development Manager, Matt, wrote from scratch for you? It is the one of the most effective and immediate tools to promote your liveblogging efforts.

    A few months ago, we released the widget as an open source project on Google Code, asking people to help us make it even better. The idea: a tool to display the most recent real-time updates on their home page, in a breaking news ticker, or inside a mobile app. You can even create a multi-column view of your event (separating out tweets, images, comments, official posts, etc.).

    CBC PEI are among the Rock Content clients using it in a new and funky way. Front and centre, the liveblog widget gives people up-to-the-second updates on what’s happening in Canada’s smallest province.

    Another example is The Press Association, which gave out its widget to clients during the Diamond Jubilee.

    ap recent post widget

    Best of all, the widget is really light on bandwidth (so you can put it on your homepage without taking up a lot of space or sucking up a lot of bandwidth). You can customize the look and feel of the widget; and decide which types of content to slide in.

    Take a look at this amazing liveblog of the Olympics made by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The widget sits on the left side of the page, the live stream on the top-right corner and the Twitter and Facebook integrations right at the bottom of the page. They look perfectly integrated with the rest of the page, so nice and polished: developers just played around a little bit with the code provided.

    The result is stunning: do we need any more reasons not to stay glued to the page? liveblog

    Spanish newspaper ABC uses our widget for a ‘Last Minute’ live diary of every piece of news that gets published: by clicking on it, people get re-directed to a white label page giving readers a day-to-day chronology of what, where and when events are happening. The striking display of pictures makes the flow more enjoyable and readable.

    Think outside the box and start moving elements around the page.

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