Find or sell real-time content in Scribble’s new Syndication Marketplace

    Do you want access to high-quality real-time content of every single Olympic game? Shop our new Syndication Marketplace™!

    Rock Content clients have been using our LiveSyndication™ technology to syndicate their content amongst their own properties for a while now. It’s how Lee Enterprises lowers the costs of covering high-school sports, and how Hearst ensures that each of its stations has access to high-quality breaking news content.

    Our new Syndication Marketplace is an opportunity for content producers to discover a new revenue stream by syndicating live coverage — which they’d be producing anyway — to media properties across the planet.

    We built the Marketplace because not every media outlet has access to a vast network of sister properties, nor do they have the resources to cover every story as it breaks. We’ll help you build relationships with other newsrooms, so you can lower the cost of gathering news while serving your audience with a wide variety of real-time coverage.

    You’ve seen the Marketplace’s first incarnation in action. News agencies The Press Association and Agencia EFE used it to make their live content (of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Mexican Presidential Election, respectively) available to their newswire clients. This week we’ve released the Marketplace to all Scribble clients.

    You may be covering a national story — a federal election — and don’t have reporters in certain states. Shop the Marketplace. Or perhaps it’s a global story such as the this week’s 2012 London Olympics, and you want coverage of every game. Shop the marketplace.

    Syndicated content can travel across borders and brands, directly onto your site. You can auto-translate it, edit it, change the look and feel, and add your own original content, social updates and reader commentary, making that content uniquely local and fitted to your audience’s needs.

    Want to try out the Syndication Marketplace yourself? Contact your sales rep or e-mail [email protected] to learn more. Detailed instructions, screenshots and video are available on our Help Desk.

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