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    Today, Monday, June 2nd, Apple begins its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Like every year, it starts with a keynote speech by CEO Tim Cook. Apple events are always exciting; the glitz and glam of prospective new technology and the rumours that surround any Apple announcement always make the speech worth a watch.

    This year, Cook will announce the “future” of Apple’s software platforms, which will, if history is repeated, include iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. Rumours talk about a new fitness app for iPhones included with iOS 8, and a new, “flatter” icon design for OS X, much like it’s iPhone cousin.

    Although WWDC is usually reserved for software announcements, there are some hardware rumours, including new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks (Pro and Air) and the fabled “iWatch.” Also, with its new $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, the music company co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre may make their first appearance on stage as new Apple employees. It’s anybody’s guess, however, and Apple is remaining its usual tightlipped self.

    If you want to get caught up in the “exciting announcements,” there will be live coverage from technology and news sources that will keep you up to date with every twist and turn. Here are some we’ll be keeping an eye on:


    North American live coverage

    CNET – As one of the largest technology news sources, CNET will keep you up-to-date with every breaking technology piece of news. Follow along as their experts live blog the WWDC keynote speech with insightful commentary and insights. Their liveblog is also being syndicated for free on the Scribble Market.

    Fast Company – Written by business leaders, Fast Company is an authority on media, technology and business innovation. Watch as they comment from three different cities (New York, Chicago and San Francisco) on the latest unfoldings from WWDC. Their liveblog is also available for free on the Scribble Market.

    CNN – The world’s first 24/7 news organization brings its special talents to WWDC this year. Watch the masters of live content take on the WWDC keynote here.

    Mashable – Check out Mashable’s live coverage of Apple’s WWDC keynote speech. With Mashable’s Chief Correspondent and Editor at Large Lance Ulanoff, Deputy Editor Chris Taylor and Senior Tech Analyst Christina Warren at the event in San Francisco and Tech Editor Pete Pachal and Senior Tech Correspondent Samantha Murphy Kelly in the offices providing commentary, their live blog will be one to watch.

    Mobile Nations – With the motto “Real Tech for Real People,” Mobile Nations brings you the passion and expertise of reporters with years of smartphone experience under their belts. They talk with you, not at you, and their live blog will certainly be one to keep an eye on.

    International live coverage

    dpa – With a correspondent and photographer on site at the event, dpa brings all the WWDC updates you want. Text, videos, photos and social media highlights will bring the keynote to life.  The live blog starts at 18:00 CEST, one hour before Tim Cook hits the stage for the keynote speech. This blog is also syndicated and can be found on the Scribble Market.

    Heise Mac & i – Mac & i is a German technology magazine published quarterly with an online presence that features breaking news, current tests and longer articles. They dive into deep, complex topics around Apple’s products, all while keeping things accessible to Apple and technology beginners. Tune in and watch as they keep you updated on WWDC. This event is also syndicated and can be found for free on the Scribble Market.


    If you want to follow any of these events in another language, Rock Content has you covered! Click the settings button or gear icon, and from the translate drop-down menu pick your language of choice. It’s that simple! For more detailed instructions, including a list of supported languages, head here.


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