Get your audience returning again and again with daily live coverage

    It’s no secret that the best way to build a loyal audience is to update your site regularly with great content. The same goes for live coverage. Daily live reporting means your readers don’t have to search for content: they know where to visit each day to get the information they need.

    The Toronto Star uses Rock Content to bring attention to breaking stories out of Libya and the rest of the Arab world, and to connect its far-flung correspondents with readers. The daily newspaper pairs this extensive live international coverage with live hyperlocal news that appeals specifically to Torontonians. Every day, the Star creates a Rock Content blog that reporters and editors update throughout the day with weather, transit and traffic updates and major headlines. Readers can learn who won the most recent Raptors game, receive alerts about highway closures and transit disruptions and stay in the loop with teasers for breaking news stories. The idea: a one-stop shop for readers to catch up on the day’s news.

    Because sports news organization The Score’s content is more specific than The Star’s,  it takes a slightly different approach to daily live blogging. Maybe you like to join in on fan commentary during the hockey game, hear a sports reporter’s opinions or catch up on a game you missed: there are plenty of reasons to visit sports news site every day.  Every day it posts individual live blogs following that day’s games, which are categorized by day, labelled by league, teams and start time and include everything from major league hockey to college basketball to european football. And through the Rock Content mobile apps, readers can check in on their favourite team on the go.

    If you want readers coming back again and again, offer them daily live coverage of the news that matters to them.

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