Google’s September 2022 Core Algorithm Update: What Changes And How It May Affect You

Updated: May 11, 2023
google update september 2022

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More big news related to Google changes: this week, the company announced a large update to its core algorithm. The announcement was made through the company’s Twitter account, where the official list of all updates was published. According to Google, these changes can take up to two weeks to complete.

This is the second improvement to the main algorithm in 2022, the first being carried out in May of this year. This new upgrade comes shortly after the Helpful Content update was announced last Friday, September 9th.

What is the Google Update in September 2022 and how can it affect you?

A Google Core Algorithm Update is a change made to various parts of the platform’s algorithm and is announced when updates are made so large that they impact marketers, especially SEO professionals

The search algorithm is always undergoing improvement, but an update to the core algorithm tends to be more noticeable to those working in the digital environment. However, it is still unclear how this change might affect search results – the SERPs.

But you sure can count on one thing: whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithms, there may be a change in your site’s (or your client’s) search results, worsening or improving it. 

That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on these updates from Google. It can tell us why your web pages will have their rankings and reviews changed over the next few weeks (without you not having changed anything to justify these changes).

How can the main algorithm update influence the updating of Helpful Content?

Recently, during an interaction with an SEO consultant, Glenn Gabe, Danny Sullivan tweeted about the changes taking place in Google’s algorithms and made it clear that Google’s Helpful Content update is very small in terms of SEO, but that this is a part of ongoing efforts as the company will continue to adjust and refine these changes. It’s worth noting that only 20% of SEO professionals said they’ve noticed any helpful content ranking changes.

Finally, Danny Sullivan leaves some advice for SEOs who feel impacted by any changes in the coming days.

“If there are no updates announced, but you notice a change in traffic, it makes sense to review all of our guidelines and advice. And if you think “hmm, maybe some of this content I have isn’t meeting what’s recommended about helpful content”, that’s a sign of what to work on.”

As a precaution, Google has provided a list of questions to consider if you believe your site has been affected by a major update.

Anyway, I wouldn’t take this change in algorithms as something overly impactful on your digital strategy. If you make good content consciously and in line with Google’s guidelines, these updates shouldn’t be that noticeable to you. 

But yes, it is possible that the search results will fluctuate in the coming weeks, but keep calm and wait for the updates to complete before analyzing and taking any action.

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