Health Data Visualization Contest Winners

The Health Data Visualization Contest is over and the vote is in! If you missed it, rest easy — there will be more contests! Without further ado, here are the winners: 1. Dana Ng squeaked into first place with this great static infographic about cancer: Cancer Anyone? The graphic tells a great story, has a good flow, and overall high quality graphic design. Dana will receive a license for Tableau Desktop, a ticket to Strata Conference + Hadoop World, and $500 to help with travel expenses for the conference.

Cancer, Anyone?

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2. Missing first by just one point, Susie Lu and Anson Chu put together a great interactive (with some chart advice from Bob Monteverde) on USA Health Care Reform and Spending. They will win $200 towards an ebook reader of their choice.

USA Health Care Reform and Spending

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3. Third was also just one point behind. Chris Nabors put together a great interactive (aside from the initial donut charts with too many sections) about US Natality. Chris gets a signed copy of I Love Charts: The Book by Jason Oberholtzer, as well as a copy of Show Me How by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith, and Listomania curated by Mariah Bear.


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4. Fourth was also a close one, and does a really great job with data analysis. Stephanie Vatz created an interactive map detailing America’s Worst Nursing Homes. To recognize the great data work that Stephanie did, Strata has thrown in a bonus prize: Stephanie will receive a pass to the new Strata Rx Conference.


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5. Terri Bleeker seems to be a track fan with her infographic covering Youth Track Injuries

Youth Track Injuries

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6. Bulat Beksultanov unfortunately used a radial bar chart, but otherwise created a great graphic about Sexually Transmitted Disease Morbidity.

Sexually transmitted disease morbidity (STD)

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7. Mamta Chudasama and Shantanu Dixit created an infographic that does a good job of telling a story about Community Health Status.

Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI)

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8. Vivekanandan Mathivanan created a good static infographic on Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging

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9. Ralph Lin loves stacked area charts and used three of them in Off Label Drug Use.

Off-label drug use

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10. Manya Gupta took an icon approach to US Health Care Expenditures.

US health care expenditures

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There were lots of great submissions, and plenty of good visualization work went into these. Ranking the submissions was a difficult job and there were some contentions among the judges, showing how different qualities of a visualization can all be important. Keep your eye out for the next contest, we’ve got some great ideas brewing!


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