How to cover CES 2012 in real time

    Is there any event that lends itself more perfectly to liveblogging than the world’s largest consumer technology exhibition? CNET’s ambitious coverage of CES 2012 has brought the media company where no other has gone before: live-streaming nearly every presser while simultaneously publishing more than 20 liveblogs along with live running commentary to fill the gaps between events.

    “Why bother setting up the intricate infrastructure it takes to live-stream everything?” writes Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET Reviews, “Because it makes the experience of watching a CES live blog so much more complete.”

    Reporters are filling the blogs with updates, photos and videos of presentations, tech specs and gossip about expected announcements — and they’re using our brand-spanking new Android app along with our iPhone and BlackBerry apps. Each CNET liveblog is accompanied with a live stream, so readers can watch live while reading the commentary. That gives you options, Turrentine notes. “If you have to step away from your computer or switch to a new tab, just turn up the volume; you can hear everything running in the background.”

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