How to follow tonight’s presidential debate

    October 22nd is the final debate between presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, moderated by Face the Nation‘s Bob Schieffer. You can follow what will undoubtedly be a very interesting evening at any of the live events below. Let us know if you’re planning to cover the debate and we’ll gladly add your event to the list. If you’re interested in syndicating your content out to other organizations or receiving content from one of the organizations covering the debates, please visit our syndication marketplace or email [email protected] The Boston Globe is offering their coverage at no charge, you can check out their previous coverage here (remember you can edit and add content to this coverage) and contact us if you’re interested in receiving it.

    CBS News – you can watch a live stream of the debates at CBS News and contribute to the commentary and analysis on their liveblog.

    PBS Newshour – live compilation of the “best quotes, links, photos and video” during tonight’s debate.

    Amnesty International – with over 3 million worldwide supporters, this organization works to protect human rights around the globe. They will be  hosting a ‘Human Rights Presidential BINGO’, where you can download a bingo card and play along at home by seeing which human rights issues the candidates address during the debate. Participate in the discussion at their live event and on Twitter at #AIBingo.

    Reuters – Reuters has some of the best rich coverage of unfolding events, follow their liveblog for some excellent analysis, photos, videos, and social updates during the debates.

    Arizona Central – is quickly becoming one of the leaders in real-time content, their new real-time reporting page has a schedule of upcoming events – tonight’s schedule promises a great discussion of the debates.

    NY Daily News – The New York Daily News is having a panel of political experts, bloggers, and voters discuss the debate in real-time. NY Daily News will be including the best reader comments in their liveblog, so make yourself heard.

    Watchdog – is a non-profit group of independent journalists covering government activities. They will be fact-checking the debate in real-time through their liveblog, follow along here.

    CNN – CNN does a great job of covering live events, the presidential election is bound to be no exception. Join their live blog for “minute-by-minute updates throughout the evening, including trivia, fact-checks, polls, and tweets”.

    MPR News – Minnesota Public Radio will be covering tonight’s debate. New Cut’s Bob Collins will be live blogging as Obama and Romney go head to head.

    WPBF – Florida’s WPBF will be covering the final presidential debate as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney meet at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss foreign policy.

    Quad-City Times –  Join editorial page editor Mark Ridolfi for a free live discussion during tonight’s debate

    International live coverage: – “Verkiezingen VS: Barack Obama en Mitt Romney nemen het in Florida tegen elkaar op in het laatste presidentiële debat vóór de verkiezingen van 6 november. Het onderwerp: de buitenlandse politiek.”

    We will be adding to this list as more news organizations launch their live events covering the upcoming debates.


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