How to Increase SaaS Sales Using Interactive Content?

how to increase saas sales using interactive content

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Regular blog posts, videos, ebooks, and many other content types are still very effective, but there are other options available. Increasing SaaS sales using interactive content has become a fact for companies in the industry.

Different business areas require individual strategies to reach people. 

Consumers need to deal with unique content to awaken their interest. Otherwise, they will end up spending a lot of time trying to decide whether to make a purchase.

Interaction is essential to generate more engagement and drive leads through the marketing funnel. 

Sales cycles tend to become shorter when SaaS companies generate content that breaks out from the obvious templates. Therefore, sales are closed quickly.

Choosing interactive content has many benefits. It helps not only to generate sales but also to create a recurring customer base. Thus, the revenue will never suffer a decrease.

In this content, we will approach the subject in more detail. We will go through the following topics: 

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    How can interactive content benefit your sales cycle?

    Content Marketing is no longer a mystery when it comes to strategy. 

    Companies know they can get more leads and educate customers through the content they produce.

    The problem arrives when traditional content formats no longer engage people. They will never stop being valuable, but it is always important to diversify them.

    One of the best ways to engage consumers more quickly is to offer them interactive content. This strategy is effective for two reasons: it delivers immediate responses to people (every time they interact with it) and it captures personal data with their permission.

    While a company helps a lead calculate the ROI of a marketing strategy using an interactive calculator, it can also learn more about these people.

    The data collected from leads helps create a more qualified persona. If companies know their customers better, they can make more personalized offers. Thus, sales cycles are more agile.

    Increased SaaS sales using interactive content is just at the end of the entire cycle. Before that, you can obtain many other benefits. Let’s see the main ones below.

    Buyer journeys get shorter

    A short buyer’s journey represents fasters sales cycles.

    From the moment your strategy gets a lead to the moment you close a sale, there are many contact points. In these opportunities, companies must be precise when approaching customers.

    What makes the buyer’s journey shorter is the quality of each contact point. The more accurate they are, the fewer of them it will take to generate a sale.

    Content is highly effective when it comes to engaging a consumer and delivering value to them. Whether with an interactive calculator or an ebook of the same type, consumers aren’t limited to only receiving information.

    When people have the power to control what they receive, the process becomes much more enjoyable. That is why interactive content engages better and generates sales faster.

    Consumers are more engaged with your brand

    People investing in interactive content strategies have the authority to talk about the effectiveness of these pieces.

    That’s why we should pay attention to an interesting statistic: 81% of marketers say interactive content grabs more attention from the public than regular content.

    Just look around, and you will see how much content companies are producing today. Brands have their blogs, YouTube channels, and post content on social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram.

    On these platforms, sometimes, content is failing to be of interest to the public.

    Amidst a flood of information, what catches the consumer’s attention? Being engaging is not as easy as it used to be.

    This scenario shows us something important: interactive content may be a great way to generate engagement.

    After all, people feel overloaded with information, which leads them to seek something that stands out amid sameness.

    The need to differentiate from competitors is what has led SaaS companies to invest in interactive content.

    Why should Tech and SaaS companies invest in interactive content?

    There are many reasons to invest in interactive content. Get to know why companies put a relevant piece of their budget on those strategies.

    To better know their audience

    Interactive content is an easy way to get authorized personal data from the audience.

    People share their information, preferences, and other information to be allowed to interact with content.

    For companies, having this data is essential to know more about their audience. Such information allows brands to create new interactive content even better segmented.

    Data also helps create other precise marketing strategies, allowing brands to get closer to their audience.

    To better invest their marketing budget

    Marketing budgets are not always high.

    Therefore, companies need to know which strategies have the best ROI. It also depends on deeply knowing the audience.

    Through interactive content, leads share their preferences, allowing them to know which marketing strategies will be more effective in generating engagement.

    This way, companies can better invest, no more putting money on strategies that do not generate interest in the brand’s persona.

    6 ways to increase your sales with interactive content

    Increase SaaS sales using interactive content is possible since companies choose the best formats. Here are six suggestions of the most engaging and conversion-generating formats!

    1. Interactive ebooks

    Ebooks can lead people to another level of knowledge about a specific topic.

    Companies use this format to get leads, thanks to the forms used.

    Besides delivering quality information, interactive ebooks can do this more engaging manner. They require readers to click on the information to expand and allow people to select which pieces of content they want to read.

    Overall, these ebooks don’t need to be highly complex. Interactivity is a way to stimulate greater involvement and interest from the consumer.

    Simplicity is enough to make all the difference for a more positive evaluation of the material.

    2. Interactive infographics

    What happens in ebooks can be replicated in infographics.

    This format usually brings information on a timeline. There is always a lot of data and images to explore interactively.

    Interactive infographics also capture leads through forms, which is the same strategic purpose as ebooks. However, it is a smaller content and brings information more quickly to the consumer.

    Infographics are not so much about teaching, but instead, informing. It is a great tool to increase SaaS sales using Interactive Content.

    3. Interactive calculators

    When it comes to SaaS businesses, content needs to be more strategic. It is necessary to approach aspects of the customer work routine.

    With interactive calculators, it is easy to offer a tool that is very useful in many moments.

    For example, if your company offers a marketing service, you can develop an ROI calculator or an engagement rate calculator.

    Interactive calculators have the purpose of delivering a quick answer to the consumer to solve a problem in their daily lives. If we talk about the SaaS market, marketers need to design these calculators for the realities of this segment.

    A great strategy is to always keep an eye on the keywords that your audience usually searches on Google. These search trends indicate the consumer’s interest.

    Working this way makes it easier to create interactive calculators that help people solve their problems.

    4. Social media quizzes

    You don’t have to create complex content from scratch every time you want to provide interactive experiences to your audience.

    Today, social media platforms provide simple templates for interactive content that you can use. One of the best examples is social media quizzes.

    These work like games in which you challenge your audience to answer questions.

    For the strategy to be effective and generate value, it is essential to explore topics that make sense to the persona.

    Increasing SaaS sales using interactive content also depends on creating a closer relationship with your audience. A little fun helps a lot with that!

    5. Social media polls

    Like social media quizzes, marketers create polls on Instagram with the help of the tool available for stories.

    There are many interesting ways to use this type of interactive content. One of them is to better understand your audience’s opinion about a specific question about your business or solutions.

    As we are talking about the SaaS market, you can also use polls to evaluate tool features or measure audience satisfaction.

    6. Social diagnostics

    Having originated in magazines, social diagnostics is probably one of the most popular interactive content formats.

    BuzzFeed was responsible for popularizing this content on the internet and making it a fun model for social diagnostics.

    In this format, people answer questions about themselves and, in the end, receive a diagnosis about their personality.

    Social diagnostics are traditionally more fun. You can use it to get closer to your reader and build a stronger relationship with them.

    People love to get feedback about themselves, which is why this model has been successful for so long. Taking it into the digital context is a great strategy.

    You can increase SaaS sales using interactive content if you choose good formats that fit your company’s tone of voice and marketing strategy. This way, it is easier to get audience attention and generate more conversions.

    Are you considering creating some interactive content? Get a demo of Ion and learn more about how the platform works!


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