Interactive Calculators for Websites: 7 Success Stories

To have an interactive calculator for your website is to have more engagement and more types of content. Check out 5 successful stories of calculators on websites!

Marketing has experienced countless changes over time. This year, the world becomes more technological, just like the customers: they want to buy in a more practical way, and the companies need to adapt to these new tendencies.

A great way to do that is by investing in interactive tools for your website.

In this article, we are going to talk about the use of an interactive calculator, a tool that has been helping companies to attract more customers, and in consequence, increase profit.

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    1. Tax bill calculator

    In dec. 17, 2017, The New York Times posted a calculator that shows that the taxes will go down, according to how much you make in a month by job or investments. Other questions also need to be answered, such as the number of children you have or if you live in a high-tax location.

    Although interactive calculators do not go viral so often, they have an above-average number of backlinks. When quizzes posted on the site have a 3.2 number of backlinks, the calculator has 6.4.

    Knowing how much you will need to pay in taxes is a very interesting subject. Because of that, the calculator ended up having a good number of searches on Google and probably had a lot of shares on social networks or privately (via WhatsApp and private messages on social media).

    2. Concrete Calculator

    Some people have problems on calculating the right amount of materials to put in to create concrete. To solve this problem, the site The Constructor, developed by a civil engineer, has an interactive calculator that calculates the correct amount of materials to make the exact amount of concrete needed by the user.

    When the concrete is not prepared in the right way, some problems can arise, such as the appearance of cracks in the soil or in the wall where it was placed. So, it is important to use all the help needed to make the perfect proportion of the materials.

    The tool has had around 20.4k shares since it was first posted in 2017, on November. Most of the shares were made through Facebook, considered one of the social networks with the biggest number of users in the world.

    3. Data Usage Calculator

    Have you ever imagined how much data you consume per day on your cell phone? To find out the answer, you can use the calculator developed by, a Nigerian company.

    The data calculator had an average of 65.3k shares, showing that the tool was a real success, not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of the world since one of the advantages of the internet is its power to reach and encourage globalization.

    Even if it is not the company’s focus to have a global reach, either because of its size or because of the type of service provided, the possibility of having a worldwide reach can help in positioning the brand and publicizing your product or service also locally.

    4. Housework calculator

    Perhaps, the time you spend doing household chores may be taking up too much of your time, preventing you from doing other activities during the day, including monetized ones.

    The company has created a calculator that allows people to quantify the hours spent by women performing various domestic activities daily, and shows an approximate value of how much they should earn for their daily work.

    The tool had 14 backlinks and about 16.3k shares. The calculator was created with the purpose to show the gender inequality present in the country and is mainly about the differences in the payment of professionals due to their gender.

    5. Horse calculator

    A fun pastime is horseback riding, however, you need to think about the health of the animals, especially about the amount of weight they can bear to carry on horseback riding.

    Because of that, The website has provided a calculator that shows which type of horse is right for you based on your weight. Thus, neither the horse nor the rider will have any discomfort during the ride.

    The site also offers other types of calculators, such as for calculating the weight of the horse, how much weight an animal can carry, which horses can carry it comfortably etc. For those who usually ride with a certain frequency, using these calculators can be a good idea.

    For companies, it is important to invest in the creation of tools that help to solve the pain of their local audience. Although the possibility of being viral is smaller, it has potential to have a good performance among people who are interested in that subject and have great chances of becoming its consumers.

    6. Trunk Club’s Style Profile

    Trunk Club is a service that pairs up customers with personal stylists who learn about their clothing habits and sends them wardrobe suggestions through the mail. As the clients receive more clothes, they can offer feedback on the choices and refine them.

    With such a premise, it’s clear how valuable interactive experiences can be for Trunk Club. It’s necessary to provide a way for the customers to select their preferences and interact with the service in meaningful ways.

    The style profile is created through an interactive experience on Trunk Club’s website. During this step, the user is asked to answer a questions’ series about their fashion preferences and budget. After that, the information is sent to the personal stylists.

    The interactive experience uses multiple images to help solidify the choices that are made during the questionnaire, as well as a responsive design that can be used on mobile without hassle.

    7. Quartz at Work

    Social issues can also be tackled by using data in the right way. That’s what news website Quartz decided to do when creating its interactive calculator.

    With it, the user can add up the hours of housework that are done daily. Then, the calculator shows how much of that work would be worth it if it was paid. It’s tasks like cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, child care, small repairs, and others. The math is simple, as it multiplies the hours of work by the average that’s earned by someone in that field of labor.

    The calculator is a rich piece of media that’s included in a news piece about gender inequality. It shows how versatile interactive media can be, as it can benefit such an article much more than a photo or a video would.

    As it helps quantify a modern topic of discussion like gender inequality, Quartz’s interactive calculator was popular on social media, it reached 16.3k shares online.

    How does Ion help to build an interactive calculator for website?

    With ION, it is possible to create an interactive calculator customized for your website and type of service/product offered by you. Using one of the pre-made templates, you only need to choose the one that best suits your content, personalize like your website and then share it with your audience.

    Since there is no need to perform programming processes, your calculator can be used in less than an hour!

    It is still possible to add your company or brand logo to the calculator, which will assist in the recognition and strengthening of your brand among those who use your tool. Your engagement rates will also be increased.

    Some models of calculators made available by ION are: ROI calculator, savings calculator, BMI calculator etc. It is also possible to use a model that allows adding up to 3 calculators on the same site.

    It is important to always try new techniques and tools to increase your website’s reach and engagement. With the advent of several tools, techniques and strategies in the area of ​​marketing, one of them may be what your enterprise needs to be able to leverage in sales and acquisition of new customers.

    Still not convinced about what ION interactive calculator for website can do for your business? Then check out some successful cases on our website!


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