Interactive Calculators: 10 Reasons Why They Beat Static Landing Pages

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A widespread challenge for those who work with Digital Marketing is to be able to produce content that generates engagement for your audience, right?

After all, this is one of the ways to differentiate yourself from other competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to know the characteristics and advantages of using resources such as interactive calculators.

For a long time, static landing pages were the standard for lead generation, but consumer behavior has changed and it demands even more from companies.

Let’s learn more and understand the main reasons to invest in an interactive calculator and thus increase the efficiency and accuracy of your strategies.

    What is the importance of landing pages for lead generation?

    One of the most common methods of lead generation is the creation of landing pages.

    The idea is to offer something specific (a product, service, etc.) and to capture the attention and information about the user. Thus, companies provide, for example, an eBook, and in return, receive contact data from that lead.

    Usually, forms are used to achieve this exchange of content. This method, no doubt, is very useful to obtain this valuable information. Over time, however, most companies have adopted this strategy and it has become necessary to create mechanisms to make these pages more attractive to the user.

    After all, always using the same content turns out to be monotonous—so much so that the use of videos in these landing pages can increase the conversion rate by up to 86%, according to Eyeview studies. This shows that just as this strategy is efficient, it is also necessary to make your content more attractive to the user.

    With the digital transformation and the almost constant use of digital communication channels, the user does not want to waste his time with something he has already seen or that is not customized to his needs and demands.

    Companies that do not follow this trend end up falling behind and losing relevance within their segment.

    Therefore, even though the landing pages are excellent for lead generation work, it is essential to find different ways to attract the user.

    After all, one of the main advantages of Digital Marketing is precisely the ability to modify and find ways of improvement to ensure a satisfactory user experience.

    What has changed in recent years with interactivity?

    One of the necessary changes that have become a trend among marketing professionals is the use of interactive content.

    The reason is simple: more significant efficiency. The landing pages generate, on average, a conversion rate of 2.35%. Among the companies that make the best use of these resources, the same metric reaches 11.45%, according to WordStream.

    In other words, even if you do an excellent job, create relevant content for your landing page, and attract qualified leads, you will hardly exceed 15% conversion rate.

    That’s why more and more professionals are betting on interactivity. According to the Content Marketing Institute, this number has already reached 55% in recent years. The reasons? Let’s get into it.

    10 reasons for using an interactive calculator instead of static content

    What are the reasons to invest more resources in tools like an interactive calculator instead of static content? We’ll explain each of our reasons here.

    1. Interactive calculators offer personalized answers

    A landing page with static content will always present the same response to users: a standard message.

    No matter how much you do an efficient targeting job and understand the needs of your buyer persona, it will not be possible to deliver a fully customizable experience.

    Meanwhile, an interactive calculator will offer personalized answers for each user who visits your landing page.

    If you provide the possibility to calculate the performance of the user’s SEO strategy, for example, as soon as the assessment is done, your tool can suggest custom actions for that lead, such as what it can do for better performance.

    2. Interactivity ensures a better and more unique experience

    To make sure the user will be satisfied when accessing your landing page, it is necessary to offer a unique experience for him.

    After all, what are the chances of you getting a conversion by presenting an eBook similar to what he can also find with your competitor? Interactivity can create this competitive edge.

    Imagine your user is looking for ways to improve the ROI of your business, an interactive calculator will serve not only to show that this indicator is down, but the solutions he should adopt for better performance.

    In this way, you ensure the best user experience and, consequently, increase your chances of conversion and even customer loyalty.

    3. Data and information become even more valuable

    One of the significant challenges of Digital Marketing is to be continually changing to meet the wishes of your persona.

    What is the best way to do this? By knowing in depth what he’s looking for and his behavior, which can be done more accurately with an interactive calculator. By using this feature on your landing page, you can collect essential data.

    If he uses the calculator and discovers that his business has trouble getting more conversions, even, for example, his Content Marketing strategy can benefit from this information.

    So you know even more precisely what the user’s challenges are and can target your content that addresses this topic.

    4. Interactive content is more shareable

    The more engaging your content is, the higher the chances users will share it. In other words, more people may end up being interested in your publication.

    In times when social media are essential channels for transmitting a message and strengthening your brand, this can be a valuable benefit for your company to stand out.

    5. Strengthens your brand awareness

    As a consequence of the greater ease in being shared, interactive content also ensures the strengthening of brand awareness. By investing in this content format, studies show a 79% increase in the efficiency of your message transmission.

    In other words, if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your area, it can be a valid solution.

    After all, your landing page will not only contain relevant content on a given subject, but a different and customizable feature.

    By ensuring this unique experience to the visitor of your page, you become recognized as one of the references, as a company that understands your products and, most importantly, is always thinking about helping the user.

    6. The user does not need to wait for feedback

    Consumers are increasingly impatient and want to spend as little time as possible on any page. Therefore, you should focus on strategies that are faster and more efficient in transmitting a message.

    With an interactive calculator, for example, you don’t have to wait too long to receive feedback and know what you need to improve.

    7. Interactive calculators reduce the bounce rate of your pages

    Interactive content also guarantees greater efficiency in terms of average time spent on a page. After all, it is not enough to offer content that is of interest to the user, but it is necessary to guarantee their attention—a growing challenge.

    This content format, however, has an efficiency of up to 81% more to hold the visitor’s attention.

    As the main consequence of this increased attention — and time that the user will spend on your landing page — the tendency is that your bounce rate will reduce considerably.

    When combined with an efficient segmentation strategy, your pages will undoubtedly be among the most visited in your segment.

    8. Qualified and out of focus leads are attracted

    No matter how well your segmentation works, many potential clients go unnoticed by your company. However, this can be solved with interactive content, which will be shared more often and will generate more organic traffic.

    Thus, many leads that were not on your radar can enter your network.

    9. Users return to check out new results

    Besides being very efficient in attracting more leads, the interactive features ensure that the user returns more often to their landing page.

    An interactive calculator, for example, ends up becoming a query tool for your persona, who can use it over time to identify if your strategies are improving.

    This is one of the reasons to justify LinkedIn data that shows the generation of 5 times more visits from a page with interactivity than those that rely on static content.

    When applied well, the tendency is that the user returns over and over to check the same tool.

    10. Interactive calculators increase your chances of conversion

    A very common goal among marketing professionals is to increase their conversions.

    Do you remember the conversion rate data from the static content landing page we presented above? This metric is optimized when interactivity is applied.

    According to a survey conducted by Kapost, a landing page with interactive content can generate up to twice as many conversions as those with static content.

    This is just another reason why using tools like an interactive calculator can become a great investment for your business.

    What needs to be done to create successful interactive content?

    You already know the advantages of investing in interactive content, though how do you apply this strategy in practice and take action?

    After all, it is not enough to offer an interactive calculator on your site if you can not get the user there. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in strategies that generate qualified traffic to your site.

    The most efficient — and cheapest — way to do this is by investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

    Finding the right keywords, creating quality text instead of quantity and, most importantly, offering relevant content to the user, the goal is for your page to be seen as user friendly.

    In other words, the user enters your landing page, spends time on it, and finds what they are looking for—everything that is valued in an SEO strategy.

    Investing in this, the tendency is that more qualified leads go to your company, increasing your chances of conversion. Then, you need to think about what to offer as a differentiator.

    After all, if your message was efficient enough to attract the user to the page, it is essential that he is satisfied with what you have to offer.

    The good news is that there are many simple ways to add interactive content to your landing pages. One of them is by using tools such as Ion Interactive, which offers numerous solutions for your needs.

    This way, you can find the type of content best suited to your persona, making the customer journey more satisfying and personalized. Whether it’s an ROI Calculator or a Quiz, you can offer differentiated and exclusive material for the lead, increasing your chances of conversion.

    Now that you know the main reasons to use an interactive calculator in the contents of your pages, check out what interactive calculator models can be applied to your marketing plan and generate even more qualified leads.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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