Interactive Content in the Construction Sector [Case Study]

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You already know that Content Marketing is an effective strategy for attracting, engaging, and converting customers. However, with the increasing saturation of online content, it has become crucial to adopt innovative approaches to stand out from the crowd.

One of these approaches is the use of interactive content, which allows direct interaction with the user, increasing engagement and even conversion of your audience.

A frequent question we receive here at Rock Content is: “How can I use interactive content within my niche?”, especially in areas where the strategy is not that common.

We guarantee that the benefits of interactive content can be gained by companies in any segment.

In this article, we will demonstrate how, as well as talk about the importance of content distribution within a Digital Marketing strategy. To do this, we will explore interactive content in the construction sector, analyzing the distribution strategy of one of our clients (whose name will not be disclosed here for confidentiality reasons).

Interactive Content: A Powerful Engagement Tool

Before we delve into the main point of this conversation, it is essential that we understand the concept of interactive content and why it is so effective.

We define “interactive content” as any material that allows users to actively participate in its consumption, whether answering questions, calculating results, or exploring different scenarios. This interactivity not only increases audience engagement, but also offers valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors.

Some examples of interactive content include quizzes, calculators, feedbacks and solution finders. These formats not only provide a more engaging user experience, but can also optimize qualified lead generation and strengthen the connections to your brand.

The Importance of Content Distribution Strategy

Interactive content exponentially expands your strategy’s chances of success, but it is clear that, like any content, creating it is just the first step.

To achieve significant results, it is also crucial to develop an effective distribution strategy. This involves identifying the appropriate channels to reach your persona, establishing clear goals, and measuring the results to adjust the course as necessary.

Now that you understand the potential of this type of content and the importance of distributing it accordingly, let’s look at a case study of interactive content in the construction sector to illustrate these concepts in practice, regardless of the niche.

Case Study: Interactive Content in the Construction Sector

In this case study, we analyzed the performance of three interactive experiences developed for a client in the construction industry, both before and after distributing them as blog content.

💡 Important: all experiences and interactive content were created using Ion, Rock Content’s interactive content platform. You can request a free demo of the tool here.

[Quiz] Find out if you are eligible to participate in the program

The first interactive experience is a quiz about the Brazilian government initiative designed to improve access to affordable housing for low-income families. Look at the content details below:

  • Target audience: Users on the attraction stage.
  • Goal: To engage the audience interested in purchasing a home and who are learning about the “Casa Verde e Amarela” program.
  • Conversion: “Start Quiz” button (experience unlocked).
  • Results:
    • Traffic: 3.7 thousand visits.
    • Conversion Rate: 31%.
  • Highlights: Spikes in traffic and conversion observed after being incorporated into blog content.

Note the traffic spikes, especially after March 16th, when we incorporated the quiz into the client’s blog content.

[Quiz] What documents are needed to apply for a program?

The second interactive experience was also a quiz about the same program but aimed at an intermediate stage of the funnel.

  • Target audience: Users in the consideration stage.
  • Goal: To engage the public interested in purchasing a home and who is considering what documents are necessary for applying.
  • Conversion: Sign up form.
  • Results:
    • Traffic: 8.7 thousand visitors.
    • Leads Generated: 120.
  • Highlights: Significant traffic and generation of qualified leads.

Just like the previous example, traffic for this quiz spiked after we incorporated the content on the client’s blog, consequently resulting in more leads.

It is important to highlight that, while the distribution strategy increased traffic and leads, presenting interactive content in the construction sector resulted in more qualified leads compared to other types of content.

[Calculator] How much are you spending on rent?

Finally, the last interactive experience is a calculator focused on the attraction stage. Let’s analyze the results:

  • Target audience: Users on the attraction stage.
  • Goal: Engage the public who are considering leaving rent and purchasing a home.
  • Conversion: Sign up form.
  • Results:
    • Traffic: 3.3 thousand visitors.
    • Leads Generated: 49.
  • Highlights: Consistent traffic and generation of qualified leads.

As with the previous experiments, we observed an increase in traffic after incorporating the experience into blog content. 

Furthermore, the quality of the leads generated was also superior because interactive content was able to capture attention at each stage of the journey with useful content that created a valuable experience, helping educate and engage the audience about what they needed. And Ion was the perfect platform for creating this content because it was:

  • Easy and fast to create the experiences without having to hire a developer;
  • Integrated with the client’s CRM, making nurturing and moving leads to sales easier;
  • Included sell-side experiences that enriched sales conversations.

Conclusion and Recommendations

This case study highlights the positive impact that a well-designed distribution strategy can have on the performance of interactive content. By integrating these experiences into blog content, we saw a significant increase in traffic and qualified lead generation.

We also note that using interactivity in different industries is viable and encouraging, as demonstrated by this use of interactive content in the construction sector.

For companies interested in exploring the potential of interactive content, we recommend considering Rock Content’s Ion Adoption Program. This program provides expert training and guidance to effectively create and deliver interactive experiences, maximizing lead engagement, acquisition, and qualification.

In short, a well-executed distribution strategy is essential for the success of any content, and when combined with interactive content usage, it has even more potential to drive outstanding results.

By understanding the target audience, establishing clear goals, and measuring results, a business can harness the full potential of these powerful Content Marketing tools.


Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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