What is an interactive graphic and how to engage your audience with this format

What is an interactive graphic and how to engage your audience with this format

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Given the rise of competition in digital channels for consumers’ attention, it is not enough to create rich and relevant materials for the audience. It is necessary to do more than other companies are doing

That’s why interactive content, such as an interactive graphic, can be precious to your brand.

After all, it is essential to follow the trends and news of Digital Marketing to offer increasingly qualified content for those who access your pages.

If Content Marketing was once considered a competitive differential, today, you need to work much harder to create relevant and interesting materials.

And, as you can imagine, interactive graphics are one type of those engaging materials. 

Here, you’ll understand:


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    What is an interactive graphic?

    An interactive graphic is a way to present data to users who visit a page containing animations and customizations, creating a unique experience for those who wish to check specific information.

    Therefore, instead of just presenting a fixed frame, you can let each user interact with the image in any way they want.

    In a scenario where it is increasingly challenging to hold the consumer’s attention to the message you are conveying, interactive graphics become an efficient way to make the experience more satisfying to the user. After all, you end up not limiting the decisions and choices that each one can make.

    No matter what your target audience is or the segment in which your company operates, offering personalized content is no longer a trend but an obligation for any business.

    Therefore, the interactive graphic is an innovative way of presenting data and information relevant to your buyer persona.

    Taking into account the concept of Content Marketing, interactivity makes your graphic even more efficient. Ultimately, the goal is to offer materials that are, in fact, useful to users, right?

    However, if you limit the information displayed in a graphic, is it really interesting to those accessing your page?

    What are the advantages of investing in this strategy?

    Are you still wondering why you should use this strategy in your Digital Marketing plan?

    To ensure that you have no doubts about the importance of adding interactive graphics to your portfolio when it comes to providing relevant content, we’ve separated the main benefits of this strategy.

    Check them out!

    Increases the number of clicks

    With interactive graphics, the main benefit is undoubtedly the increase in the number of clicks

    Why is that? As studies show, 90% of the information sent to the brain is, in fact, visual.

    In other words, as much as well-written content is efficient in attracting a lead, the interactive graphic enhances the transmission of your message.

    Strengthens your message to the reader

    With so much content available on the internet, it is essential to pass credibility to your reader. Which way is better than using data to prove your theory or information?

    This way, what you want to transmit becomes much more credible, reinforcing your brand’s authority within its segment.

    Provides more information about your readers

    Another benefit of interactivity is precisely the amount of data you collect about your readers. 

    After all, each interaction represents an intention: you can find out the main interests of each user who visits your site and interacts with your interactive graphic.

    Identify more needs

    Consequently, it is possible to identify more sensitive needs for your business and a better understanding of what goes through the minds of those who are visiting your website. 

    Thus, the next time you can present even more segmented content.

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    What are the ways to apply interactivity to the graphs?

    Another advantage of using interactive graphics on your pages is the wide possibility of applications. 

    In this way, you can choose the model that best fits your goals and the interests of your buyer persona, ensuring that the experience is truly unique for those who have reached your blog or website, for example.

    In an efficient way, you transmit your message with greater precision than if you had used words or static photos. 

    Line graphs, donut charts, use of icons, and images to illustrate: the possibilities are endless and can fit exactly what you’re looking for.

    It all depends on what message you want to convey. Currently, a trend has been to create graphics in the format of word clouds, which can be useful to present the most sought terms on a particular subject, for example.

    word cloud graphic

    Variety is, therefore, another benefit for those who want to use interactive graphics.

    What are the successful examples of interactive graphics?

    To inspire yourself and create really interesting interactive graphics for your buyer persona, how about checking out some successful examples of this strategy? 


    Search engines are already part of anyone’s routine, right? Statcounter shows exactly how each competitor is doing.

    The coolest thing is that you can view the market share divided in several ways, such as country, mobile devices, period, etc. In short, you can customize the whole user’s experience.


    Global Transparency

    Transparency is one of the most commented subjects on the internet and within our society.

    The Transparency International website presents several customization possibilities to follow any country’s performance when the subject is justice, corruption, or politics.

    In an interactive way, it is possible to access the most varied graphics.

    transparency international

    Berlin Traffic

    Have you ever thought about being able to follow all the traffic in your city in real-time? 

    The VBB (responsible for controlling all traffic in the city of Berlin) provides users with all the information about trains, buses, and subways.

    You can select the region you want to observe, the lines you want to follow, and customize it as you wish.

    Berlin traffic

    Hip Hop Vocabulary

    Music is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries today, right? Hip hop is part of that segment.

    Exploring the great variety of lyrics and the rich variety of terms used, a fan decided to create a Hip Hop vocabulary, with an interactive graphic showing the main words used by musicians, the unique words used, and other countless information.

    hip hop vocabulary

    Causes of global warming

    Bloomberg has created an interactive graphic to arouse the curiosity of its readers so that, through interactions with the piece, they become intrigued to discover the real causes of global warming.

    bloomberg and the global warning

    What tools can be used to create these charts?

    Now that you know what it is and how an interactive graphic can be extremely useful for your marketing plan, how about staying on top of the tools that can allow you to apply this strategy on your pages?

    We’ve separated two options that can be really helpful. Check out our tips!

    Ion Interactive

    Using the Ion Interactive tool, you have a complete platform with interactive content in the most different formats. 

    You can use them to create experiences based on data. The best part? There is no need to know anything about technology or rely on a team of developers.

    Thus, with your own Digital Marketing team, it is possible to offer unique experiences to the visitors of your pages, creating graphics extremely interesting to readers, increasing your brand awareness, and, consequently, raising the level of engagement in your pages.

    Create interactive content and experiences with Ion! Request a free demo now ➜


    Offering more than 2D graphics, Infogram is also another excellent option for those looking for a way to offer more interesting content to their readers and visitors.

    You can go from the simplest animation elements, such as GIFs, to interactive maps and other trends, such as the word cloud.

    With different plans and values, Infogram also offers a free version for those who are beginning to understand and explore this technique.

    So, if you still can’t count on an internal team to develop these pieces, but still want to increase traffic on your pages, for example, this is another tool option.

    Wrap Up

    Interactive graphics are a highly efficient solution for those who want to offer more interesting materials for their buyer persona, increasing engagement, and getting even more resources to regularly improve their strategies.

    By inspiring yourself with examples of success and using the right tools, you can succeed.

    Are you curious and interested in how to create interactive content to improve your marketing performance? 

    Create interactive content and experiences with Ion! Request a free demo now ➜


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