Introducing: new Facebook features

    Not to be constrained by 140 characters, a good chunk of the human population will choose to share news through Facebook updates over tweets.

    Today, Rock Content unveils a few new features to bring those people into the story.

    Facebook embed:

    You can now embed your liveblog onto your organization’s Facebook fan page. That way, readers can follow along and make comments through Facebook. All those comments go through moderation, and once approved will be published in every version of your liveblog, whether white label or embed. Read more about the Facebook embed here.

    Facebook auto post:

    Now, livebloggers can direct Rock Content to automatically post Facebook statuses containing certain keywords. Access this and the embed feature via “Facebook” from the left-hand menu within an event.

    Social Search

    Taking its cue from an existing feature, Twitter Live Search (which allows livebloggers to search for tweets with specific hashtags, keywords or handles), Social Search expands the search criteria to search Facebook statuses as well. That way, you don’t miss out on any of the conversations your readers are having online, no matter where they’re having it.

    To use Social Search:

    Once an event is created, you can access Social Search the same way you activated Twitter Live Search: just choose it from the list in the drop-down menu beside “Write.”

    Social Search offers three icons to choose from: Twitter, Facebook and Comments in Moderation. Twitter Live Search is still there for those who want to just search through tweets.


    -Use this handy list of search operators to narrow your search and get the statuses you want.

    -The most recent tweets and Facebook statuses appear at the top of the list. Refresh the search whenever you want to see more statuses.

    –Social Search only pulls in Facebook statuses that have been made public.

    -Some Facebook status updates — including events, groups, fan pages and wall photos — are published as hyperlinks that take readers to the designated Facebook page.

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