ion interactive GM Mary Ward Promoted to CMO of Rock Content

    Following our formal announcement, we’d like to send our congratulations to Mary Ward, who has been promoted from ion interactive General Manager to Chief Marketing Officer of Rock Content. Since acquiring ion interactive in September 2017, the Rock Content team has had the privilege of working closely with Mary, and we are thrilled to bring her leadership to the integrated marketing organization.

    “Rock Content is in a unique position to bring expertise and integrated content solutions to help our customers attract, engage, and retain customers,” said Ward. “I am honoured and couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. In this role I can draw upon my experience and passion for interactive content and how it can help our clients exceed their objectives. I deeply resonate with Rock Content’s corporate vision – that every piece of content should build a relationship – and look forward to helping create that reality.”

    Mary will make her first official appearance as Rock Content CMO at this week’s Oracle Modern CX Conference in Chicago.

    Mary has been a key player throughout her seven-year tenure at ion, and has been instrumental throughout its growth. Her experience in Account Services led to her role as General Manager post-acquisition, and we know that her expertise will continue to support global initiatives in this exciting new phase of Rock Content.

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