J-School Spotlight:The Golden Gate Xpress

    While Rock Content is useful in covering a large variety of events, it truly shines when used to cover rallies and protests. By having multiple reporters in the field reporting in with various types of media, a liveblog can quickly bring readers into the event.

    Take the Golden Gate Xpress, a student paper for San Francisco State University that uses a donated Rock Content account. At the beginning of March, they used Rock Content to cover Day of Action rallies taking place both at San Francisco city hall and SF State.

    In Canada, both OpenFile and the CBC used Rock Content to cover student tuition protests in Montreal, as well.

    “We’ve actually received a considerable amount of feedback from staff, readers, our advisors and even other local news organizations about our live coverage,” said Sara Donchey, managing editor for the Golden Gate Xpress. “Rock Content has been an incredible tool that allows us to integrate every facet of live coverage seamlessly into our workflow.”

    By embedding live video feeds into a post and then pinning the post to the top of a liveblog, The Xpress gave something for readers to watch as reports came in from their reporters on the field. They also partnered with The Guardsman, a City College of San Francisco newspaper, which meant more reporters producing content.

    “As a news organization, our goal is to cater to every kind of news consumer. For those that get most of their news on Twitter, I like to have a steady stream of updates (complete with links to relevant content) on our official Twitter account,” Donchey said. “For those who like to watch news streaming live, I like to embed USTREAM into our Rock Content blog.”

    The Xpress also includes quick news briefs for what Donchey describes as “traditional” news consumers, and photos that broaden the coverage.

    “Any tool that gives us the option to do all of these things is welcomed in our newsroom,” Donchey said.

    If you’d like to have a Rock Content account for your j-school program, contact [email protected].

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