Top 6 Landing Page Designs Created Without Coding

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Landing pages can be excellent tools to drive more traffic to homepages from search engines or even paid search. But do you know how to build a landing page design without having any programming or design skills?

There are landing page design platforms, ready-made templates, frameworks, or WordPress plug-ins — you can hand-code a landing page or add a single page in any CMS (Content management system) — to save your time and optimize your projects. 

Interactive landing pages, for example, with flows, animations, transitions, scroll effects, and more, are all easily used to gain the user’s attention and increase conversion rates.

Ready to see which landing page designs without coding could help you? Keep reading!

What do you need to build a landing page from scratch?

There are tools, solutions, and resources to help any user to create a landing page from zero. But, first, you have to know that you will need:

  • a customizable domain name
  • a platform to build a customized landing page easily, without any programming or design skills necessary
  • landing page design templates to make changes quickly
  • tools to add extra resources to help add images, videos, long-form copy, etc.
  • a CTA button to send visitors to another page or store where they can buy the product, sign up, or complete a form
  • social media embeds
  • Google Analytics tracking to gather statistics from users

Which landing page designs without coding can convert more leads?

This is a small selection — with a summary of each option — to help you choose the best platform and create a good landing page design. Check out below.

1. Ion Interactive

Interactive landing pages give your leads the best experience and show the most discerning prospects. Ion’s platform enables scalable experimentation in both the content and presentation layers, taking engagement optimization to the next level.

Their tools empower next-gen landing page conversion techniques that capitalize data-driven content and personalization.

More effective than passive content at generating conversions, the interactive landing pages enable smart experiences, analyze lead profiles, and make data-driven decisions that support conversion.

Landing page’s experiences can be controlled, deployed, and tested at scale using sophisticate techniques in the platform’s agile and code-free environment.

2. WIX

In this platform, you can create a lot of page styles — blog, online store, single-page, and landing page — with more than 30 landing page design templates, and more than 500 overall. Wix is almost free: if you do not have a domain, you can create a new one.

If you already use a domain, you have to pay to import it. The issue is that they provide hosting, and you can not transfer the data to your server. It is possible to add and use:

  • video backgrounds
  • pop-ups
  • formatted text
  • icons
  • forms
  • store, blog, or 3rd party app
  • slideshows
  • social media embeds
  • more than 500 templates, etc.

3. Leadpages

Offering more than 100 different templates, Leadpage has a critical visual editor, that can be integrated with MailChimp and helps you to check exactly how many people see your site both from search and social media from Google Analytics and Facebook results. You can also add:

  • pop-ups
  • counters
  • videos
  • images
  • calendar with a description
  • call-to-action buttons
  • A/B testing

You can increase your page with Facebook ads by only pre-filling some details and adding a checkout form or a Stripe account if you have an online store. Some disadvantages are not having a free testing period and not allowing to get your hosting: you have to pay for Leadpage’s subscription.

4. Weebly

There are around 70 templates available, though you cannot completely customize the layout of the pages. Weebly’s templates are very attractive, however, they are are not specifically for landing page design. The editor works by dragging and dropping elements, but it has some limitations. You can also:

  • add background and HD videos
  • integrate with MailChimp and other email servers

In Weebly, there is no A/B testing. You can use a custom domain, but it is not possible to transfer the page to your own server.

5. Tilda

Based on its price-to-quality ratio, Tilda is a good option. This platform’s main feature is the text focus — so it is indicated more for blogging. However, it has other landing page design tools, conducts A/B testing, and provides analytics. This is not a hosting platform.

6. Unbounce

This platform has an intuitive interface. There is a toolbar to select the items you want. It is possible to customize the page directly with a double-click. An excellent tool is the dynamic text— it replaces the landing page’s title by the written search.

It is easy to operate the landing page design, dragging and dropping any items on the page. The editor also helps with gridlines, resizes the page’s header to fit in the header section, customizes all the page’s resources — graphics, text, etc. — and gives users support with an A/B testing tool.

Which interactive tools perform better for landing page design?

A useful platform will turn the main idea into an exclusive landing page, which:

  • expresses a product’s value
  • gets leads information from a form
  • helps with subscribes or downloads
  • gets the audience more engaged with the offering
  • drives leads for sales
  • keeps visitors on the page
  • presents targeted messages to a specific audience

Interactive platforms create a next-gen landing page — more engaging and effective than their predecessors form-focused, with app-like features that empower non-technical marketers to radically improve how pages look and perform:

  • app-like content presentations
  • code-free animations
  • app-like and code-free transitions
  • code-free reveals, flows, and rotators
  • interactive video and video backgrounds
  • scroll triggers and effects
  • responsive design control
  • auto-shrinking forms
  • responsive forms and content
  • data-driven content — personalized title, text, and form
  • gated, teaser, and ungated content
  • dynamic form length
  • A/B/n landing page testing
  • real-time automatic or manual optimization
  • configurable statistical confidence
  • traffic stream-specific optimization
  • embedded or standalone landing pages

To engage higher quality prospects you must use an interactive content platform to create data-driven experiences and a landing page design without tech-savvy resources or developer code.

Would you like to see which landing page performs the best? Check out some examples.


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