Top 13 LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Seekers and Business Networking

There are numerous places around the internet to network with others in your industry, find your dream job, and have meaningful discussions besides just LinkedIn.

Top 13 LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Seekers and Business Networking

If you’re looking for a new job or simply want to connect with others in your industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll jump on LinkedIn first.

While this is a great place to find what you’re looking for, it is important to remember that it isn’t the only place to do so.

In fact, there are still a ton of other great platforms out there designed to help professionals connect and make big career moves.

Here are thirteen LinkedIn alternatives to help with your job search and connect with other people within your industry.

    1. Reddit

    While it might seem like a strange option for the top of this list of LinkedIn alternatives, Reddit is actually a stellar place to connect with like-minded individuals in a variety of industries.

    Not only does the discussion platform have so-called subreddits for nearly any topic, but there also is a fair amount of employers who use it to connect with potential candidates, answer questions, and seek out great talent.

    From that aspect, it is a great option for networking and communication. 

    However, just make sure you don’t get too sucked in by other posts on the platform, which can easily become a distraction.

    2. Meetup

    Those looking for LinkedIn alternatives to network with others in their local area will love Meetup

    As a website designed for promoting in-person events, users of the platform regularly add new and exciting gatherings all the time.

    All you have to do to find out when and where a group is going to be is to sign up, find one that matches your interest, and join. 

    For business professionals, this is a great opportunity to branch out and get in touch with those in your same industry or even potential customers for your business.

    3. Indeed

    If a job search is your priority, then one of the very first places you need to check for open positions is Indeed.

    Next to LinkedIn, this is one of the first places employers post new jobs these days and often these listings are filled more quickly than on other websites due to a high amount of job seeker traffic.

    Additionally, it is important to note that they’ve really upgraded their platform post-pandemic. 

    What was once just a glorified job board now gives employers the chance to run virtual interviews, add skill assessments, and much more.

    4. Career Builder

    Of course, another good option for networking with companies is Career Builder

    As a competitor to Indeed, they usually have a vast number of job listings in a wide range of industries.

    Much like LinkedIn, Career Builder also gives you the option to post a resume and let potential employers find you based on a variety of metrics. 

    If you’re happy at your current job and just want to see what’s out there, this is a good platform to consider.

    Browsing the listings on Career Builder also has another benefit, too. 

    You can actively see who is growing and hiring to determine if that organization is one that’s moving in the right direction or if it seems rather stagnate compared to others within the same niche.

    5. Twitter

    While Twitter isn’t necessarily a direct LinkedIn alternative, there are quite a few benefits in using it to network.

    By looking up those who are influential in your industry or niche, you get to see what content they’re putting out. 

    But you also gain the ability to see who is following them and network with others.

    So, how does this work? Follow their content, like or comment on their tweets, and send a DM or two along the way. 

    Remember, engaging with other people’s posts on social media is always a great way to catch their attention.

    6. Zerply

    If you’re in the media niche, then you’ll love what Zerply has to offer. 

    This platform bills itself as a quality LinkedIn alternative that caters specifically to creatives.

    Whether you’re in music, television, film, or design, the platform aims to put you in touch with other top names within the niche. 

    There’s also a special segment for those in video gaming and VR, which is a cool boost that really isn’t available on many other networking pages.

    Besides all that, there’s an option to add a portfolio, which is great news for those who have a body of work they can’t wait to show off to potential employers.

    7. Hired

    Those looking for the opportunity to network with big brands in the tech world will really like Hired

    This platform works to bridge the gap between creatives and big brands, like Uber and Conde Nast.

    What does this mean for you? Well, by adding your resume or portfolio to the website, you have a greater chance of getting discovered by headhunters and professionals at these organizations. 

    A cool bonus that’s sometimes lost on LinkedIn, where the size can mean too much oversaturation.

    8. Facebook Groups

    Perhaps your goal is to just get in touch with others in your industry for tips and advice. 

    In that case, Facebook Groups are a good way to go.

    The cool thing about this LinkedIn alternative is that there’s just so much potential to find more about highly niche topics and meet others with the same needs.

    Can’t find a specific Facebook Group that matches what you’re looking for? 

    Consider starting your own. You never know who you’ll inspire to join.

    9. Monster

    When it comes to major job board websites, you can’t create a list without adding Monster.

    While they aren’t the powerhouse they once were a few years ago, there are still quite a few major companies that trust them with their candidate search needs.

    Just like Career Builder and Indeed, this is a good place to look for companies that are actively hiring within your industry. 

    You can also set alerts to let you know when a specific position opens up in your area or there’s a job that matches your specific talents, education level, salary requirements, and more.

    10. Discord

    Those just looking for good conversation about a specific topic will love using Discord as a LinkedIn alternative.

    While this isn’t a specific professional website, it is a platform where individuals can start servers to talk about a certain topic. 

    To find one in your niche, you might have to get a little creative. But there is certainly one out there for nearly any topic or industry you can imagine.

    It is also important to remember that some Discord servers are paid, meaning you’ll need to fork over a monthly fee in order to take part in the conversation.

    11. AngelList

    If you’re looking for funding for your business, an excellent LinkedIn alternative to consider is AngelList.

    This platform specifically caters to startups and those who enjoy working with startups. 

    Meaning, if you’re a developer, investor, or company founder, you’ll want to at least browse what’s going on over there to see if you can link up with someone interested in growing your firm.

    One cool thing to note about AngelList is that it is really taking off as a way for people to connect for business growth. 

    That means more people are joining all the time, so if it has been a while since you last took a look at it, try it out again. You never know who’s hopped on since you were last there.

    12. CraigsList

    You might be surprised that CraigsList is still a good place to find a new job, but the truth is that plenty of people post both in-person and remote positions via this platform.

    In addition, they also look for ads of those offering specific services, like marketing or web design.

    And don’t feel like you have to only look in the directory for your specific area, either. 

    Browsing to find other opportunities in major regions can often be a fruitful way to find your dream job.

    13. Industry Association Websites

    Sometimes, finding LinkedIn alternatives means doing a bit of creative web searching.

    In most cases, there are industry association websites that pertain to specific niches. 

    Some even allow job postings or in-person networking opportunities that are far better than anything you can find on a massive platform.

    This is especially true for areas like construction, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and other highly-specialized industries. 

    So, don’t be afraid to get creative and ask good ol’ Google for help.

    Wrap Up: Best LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Opportunities and Networking

    Finding your dream job and networking with others in your industry is easier now than ever before. 

    LinkedIn is a fantastic platform, but the alternatives in this list deserve to be known. 

    Tired of other major platforms? Check out our list of Google Analytics alternatives for a few more options, too.


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