LinkedIn’s ‘Funny’ Reaction May Be Close To Its Launch. How Can This Impact The Platform?

linkedin funny reaction

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Linkedin appears to be working on a new “funny” reaction to its posts, app researcher Nima Owji claims. As you can see in the image below, the social network, known for being a platform aimed at the corporate and more serious scope, is about to launch a new way for its users to express themselves in posts through the “laugh” emoji.

Since 2019, Linkedin has been dedicated to adding reaction options to its posts, in order to generate more engagement and identification among the community.

The introduction of reactions to the platform was only possible based on global surveys of members of the social network to obtain feedback on the reactions and ensure that they were understood and useful to users, according to LinkedIn.

I know that, at first, the reaction of “funny” can be strange because it doesn’t seem to fit in a social network as serious and professional as Linkedin.

However, – surprisingly – according to the platform’s Product Director, Tomer Cohen, through an update report from his team, the “funny” reaction is actually a pertinent request from users in the community. He reported that “one of the top requests we received was for – a laughing emoji reaction 😂. We hear you loud and clear and we agree. Humor is really serious business ;)”.

There is still no official message from Linkedin as to when this feature will actually be released, and it has not yet been added to their Reaction Help page (page updated by Linkedin with help regarding new feature entries). But the launch seems to be getting closer and closer, and with that, adverse reactions from network members are already starting to emerge.


“It is unprofessional to laugh at this serious business platform where people share their life stories.” This is what a Linkedin user declares about the novelty of the “laughter” reaction on the social network.

In the comments of the post itself, one can see some comments contrary to the opinion expressed, such as “being too serious is NOT healthy” and “on a serious note, it’s probably to reduce people laughing AT people (or people’s posts), but I sooo want a laughing reaction for all the funny things people say so I can laugh WITH them!”

It is clear that Linkedin has three main objectives for professionals who use it: networking, looking for jobs and being a showcase for the work of that user.

Reactions are a way to bring more innovation, modernity and interactivity to the platform, following the trend of other social networks such as Whatsapp and Facebook.

Human relations aren’t just about formality, and LinkedIn is trying to mirror the real world. Although, users are complaining that LinkedIn could become similar to Facebook. Because of that, the platform created a new feature for users to filter out political content in their feeds.

The new “laughter” reaction can serve to “break the ice,” and the formality that Linkedin has had for years, bringing a good opportunity for brands to increase the engagement in posts and the possibility of capturing new users on the social network.

With this update, Linkedin invites us to the possibility of maintaining a professional social network in a lighter and less plastered way, bringing a touch of humor to the daily lives of the platform’s members.

Are you going to adopt it?


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