Live Chat: How “Always-On” Changes The Game For Content Marketing


    header_contentmarketingThe world is “Always-On.” Is your content marketing strategy ready?

    Join us Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 12 p.m. EST, as we bring in Content Marketing Institute chief strategist Robert Rose for the exclusive Scribble Chat: “How “Always-On” Changes The Game For Content Marketing.”

    During the hour-long webinar, Rose will take a look at the state of content marketing. Using real examples, we’ll also discuss how the content marketing approach in today’s “always-on” environment can help companies be more effective.

    Rose is a thought leader in the realms of content marketing, digital media and social web, with more than 15 years experience helping brands develop digital storytelling strategies.

    He’s worked with companies like AT&T, KPMG, Staples, Petco, Nickelodeon, NBC, and he is a featured writer for a number of magazines. He also penned “Managing Content Marketing,” which spent two weeks on’s Top Ten Marketing Books list. In addition to his work with the Content Marketing Institute, Rose is a fellow with Coburn Ventures.

    Rose’s webinar will address how to develop “Always-On” strategies and will include a Q&A session to help your brand determine best practices, how to effectively amplify your efforts and how to control and moderate your social strategies.

    Register for the webinar here

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing: Marketing involving the creation, sharing and publication of content, where the focus is not selling but instead providing additional value to customers and prospects.

    The term “content marketing” has been thrown around a lot in 2013, but it’s by no means a new idea.

    Companies have been creating valuable, branded content for decades, but the real-time nature of content and conversation is new. Today’s top opportunities come from the “Always-On” nature of digital content – and how businesses are leveraging their expertise, breaking news and topical, valuable conversations to drive sales and position themselves as thought leaders.

    To that end, effective content marketing is about harnessing the power of storytelling. In order to succeed as an online brand, companies must move beyond the basics of content creation and delve into real-time engagement with their audiences.

    “Always-On” Marketing Strategies

    Always-On: Flexible, nimble, quick and responsive; allowing customers to engage with your content in real-time.

    Your audience is always there, always looking for content. With an “Always-On” strategy, you’re engaging with that audience in real-time, driving digital interaction with your brand.

    When properly executed, real-time marketing and digital storytelling allow a brand to connect with and nurture its audience – and can influence the buying decisions of consumers.

    Consider this year’s Super Bowl. When the power went out, Oreo crafted one of the most talked about tweets of the evening: “You can still dunk in the dark.”

    The tweet has since been retweeted more than 15,000 times. According to Forbes, Oreo’s Twitter following increased by about 8,000 and their Instagram following grew from 2,000 pre-game to 36,000.

    Forbes also wrote that this content didn’t just appear out of thin air – Oreo carefully prepared their real-time strategy in anticipation of the Super Bowl, going as far as to have a social media command center that could react to the big event.

    If you want the same traction, you must grasp the shifting nature of marketing campaigns. To become a successful brand this decade, you have to deliver timely, data-driven and engaging content that is audience-centric and in line with your brand’s values. Through real-time initiatives, a brand can significantly amplify its reach, resulting in powerful new opportunities.

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