LiveArticle in action

    We’ve just released our newest feature — LiveArticle — and a couple of newsrooms immediately tested it out.

    The Province uses LiveArticle to cover a police board meetingYesterday The Province used LiveArticle to cover a meeting of the Vancouver Police Department, which had gathered to discuss the hockey riots. A reporter on the scene tweeted updates and candid photos, while a photographer provided some excellent shots of the whole crew.

    Meanwhile, back in the newsroom, an editor moderated comments, pulled in the reporter’s updates and worked on a LiveArticle, adding new paragraphs as information came in. By the end of the meeting, The Province had a nice pyramid-style writeup that covered the meeting’s most important details, paired with a play-by-play liveblog for those that wanted more detailed coverage. Province editor Eric Rolfsen said that their digital team is “looking forward to getting another chance [to use LiveArticle] on a bigger story.”

    The Toronto Star tried out something a bit different. Today they produced a LiveArticle to cover a Canadian staple: unbearable weather.

    As Toronto sweats through a record-breaking heat wave, the paper poured photos, tips for beating the heat, quotes from city public health officials and detailed traffic and climate updates into the LiveArticle. Some paragraphs linked back to stories on

    The Star asked readers to send in photos showing how they’re coping with the soaring temperatures, which with the Humidex rose to nearly 50 degrees Celsius. The paper’s photographers, along with regular readers, submitted those iconic photos of summers: kids jumping in sprinklers and humans lounging walrus-like on beaches. Editors used lots of tricks to make their coverage stand out from the myriad ain’t-it-hot articles: they even added a heatwave soundtrack by embedding videos of classic summer tunes.

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