Lots of new features rolled out on Rock Content in advance of the Beijing Olympics


    At Rock Content we’re getting excited about the Beijing Olympics starting this Friday! To get ready, I’ve been coding for couple weeks to add some new features. We now have the tools to make your Olympic liveblogs interactive like never before, and integrate with your site like no one else.

    On our Olympics page we are pulling in all the Olympic liveblogs across our entire site, but that’s not all! We now pull in all the Twitter tweets about the olympics too. Sitting on that page, watching the posts fly by is pretty hypnotic 🙂

    We’ve introduced commenting that can be turned on on any live event. Try it out here. You can still create an event for just you and your friends, but if you want the public to be able to participate too they can now post comments into the live stream. If you like what someone is saying and want to invite them to be a full writer, just click the “invite” link next to their name.


    As if all that wasn’t enough, we have our new crossposting feature! If you have a WordPress blog and you want to have everything you liveblog posted there too, just click the crossposting button in the right column of events you create. Forget any embed code; just point us to your blog and we’ll take care of creating a post and keeping it up to date. If people are watching the liveblog on your site, they will even see the real-time updates.

    Need more? We are now syndicating every event page in full RSS. If you want to crosspost the content yourself, just pull in the RSS and you can mash it to your heart’s content. You’ll find the link in the header of every page or in your browser’s address bar if you’re in a modern browser.

    Oh, and don’t forget…All these features are available on the iPhone and other mobile devices too.

    A big thank you goes out to everyone whose tried out Rock Content over the past two months and sent us their suggestions or blogged about us. We were listening 😉

    Happy liveblogging and have a great Olympics!

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