Marketing Apps for Landing Pages Q&A

In this month’s webinar, Marketing Apps for Landing Pages, Mary Ward and Paige Newberry spoke on how to leverage interactivity for better campaign results. If you missed the answers to the questions or weren’t able to attend the webinar, here are some of the common questions we received and answers to help you better utilize marketing apps to increase your results. Read More.

    Visitor’s expectations are rising for your landing page. They expect engaging, useful, easy-to-digest information and fast! In this month’s webinar, Marketing Apps for Landing Pages, Mary Ward and Paige Newberry spoke on how to leverage interactivity for better campaign results.

    Marketing apps can transform your landing page into a powerhouse experience and we showed you how. While Mary and Paige showed off what marketing apps were and some of the greatest marketing apps examples we’ve seen so far, you all asked the questions.

    Well, ion is here to help! If you missed the answers to the questions or weren’t able to attend the webinar, here are some of the common questions we received and answers to help you better utilize marketing apps to increase your results:


    Q: How do I strike a good balance between pitching my product/service and providing a meaningful experience? If we measure on leads or sales, how can we balance learning with the actual metrics and ROI associated with that?

    A: As an example, for our static PDF white paper, we would collect the visitor’s information and they would click to get the white paper. Simple as that. However, we offer the interactive white paper ungated. We send people directly to the white paper and have lead conversion forms within the interactions. On the flip side, a sales team may be hesitant to create a marketing app out of their pricing calculator and have it for their visitors to use because, for the sales team, the visitor filling out that form and contacting you for pricing is a huge lead generator. However, allowing the user to interact and to let them get an idea of what their price may be is increasing usefulness and the likelihood of them engaging with you. With this, you can convert more qualified leads which are more educated on your product and on how they can benefit from it. In the end, the most important thing instead of finding a balance is figuring out a more interactive way of providing the same information to help you get more qualified leads.


    Q: How should I determine what type of marketing app to use? What marketing app is right for a specific piece of content?

    A: Feel free to take a look at the Marketing Apps for Landing Pages white paper. Within the white paper, we provide some ideas of how to change a static white paper into an interactive one, a sales pricing spreadsheet into an interactive calculator for your users, etc. We provide If-then scenarios for how to upgrade your static content. First step is to figure out what content you want to use to create the app. Maybe find the most loved, most useful white paper you have. Maybe you have a microsite that gives tons of information about your product because your product may be complex. Using a configurator to break down your product may be a more engaging way of providing this information and allowing the visitor to find the exact product to fit their needs. It’s about first looking at the content you have and thinking about how to make that more useful.


    Q: A lot of examples pertain to B2C. Are there any examples for B2B and is there any evidence the B2B can really benefit from marketing apps?

    A: At ion, we are B2B and we use marketing apps all the time. We mentioned the interactive white paper. We also test a pricing calculator where we provide monthly costs for our platform and services. The visitor can immediately get their price range and complete the form to find out additional information. As well, we have assessment type marketing apps to score landing pages and digital experiences. Quizzes and assessments like these are definitely a great way to go after the B2B market. Through a simple quiz or assessment, prospects can find out how they stack up. The key to making these type of marketing apps really useful is to not only tell them how they’re doing but to also provide real world recommendations for how they can improve. Marketing apps are hugely useful in the B2B market. Just remember, it’s about finding ways to make the content that you’re putting out there more and more useful and figuring out how to take it and turn it into something that B2B prospects want to engage with. Marketing apps provide a strong alignment between the needs of the marketer and the wants of the user. In lead-gen B2B, this alignment results in more leads of higher quality combined with stronger competitive brand differentiation.


    Q: Do marketing apps cost more than the traditional landing page?

    A: This of course depends on who you go to and what tool you use. However, we can speak specifically on the ion platform and say that there is no reason they should cost more to build than creating your landing page would. That said, they may require more time to create. It depends on how detailed and how interactive you would want your app to be. It is certainly not as if you would have to call in external resources to come in and create these apps that we’ve talked about. The downside of investing more time in developing them is more than balanced out in the results they generate. The ROI on the incremental work pays off in higher engagement, improved brand perception and higher conversion rates and quality.


    Q: Do developers have to create marketing apps? Does the ion platform allow designers, developers, and marketers create marketing apps?

    A: Marketers do start to wonder, “Am I going to need my developer and designer for this?” The answer is not necessarily. The ion platform does allow developers, designers, and even marketers to go in and create these app-like experiences. Of course, it depends on how complicated or interactive you would like the marketing app to be. It can be a team effort to figure out how to display it in the best possible way. As well, it can also be really easy to build and create and easy to get up and live. For example, our static white paper was turned into an interactive version in less than two days with one designer. Marketing apps can be up and running in just a few days time. The most time will be invested in thinking about what content you want to take and how you’re going to make it useful to your visitors.





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