Meet our partner Down Under!

    We’re excited to introduce you to our Australian sales partner, Next Tense. The team is made up of Nigel Trinca and Bill Prescott who will be responsible for promoting and selling our platform Down Under.

    Rock Content is experiencing increasing demand for real-time content delivery around the world, including Australia, South East Asia and the Oceania region. While our sales and support teams in Toronto and London work around the clock to serve customers around the world, we have decided to create a dedicated local Australian sales team to focus on these new markets.We decided that we needed a partner to accelerate our growth. Next Tense was the ideal candidate. The Next Tense team has been focusing on web content management systems for many years. They are familiar with goals and challenges of news and media customers and excited to help customers adapt to new ways of delivering news and corporate information.

    “NextTense brings the skills and the media experience that we need to serve our customers in Australia, Oceania and SEA. It is a great pleasure to welcome them to the Rock Content team.”, said Michael De Monte, CEO of Scribble Technologies Inc.

    Nigel Trinica, a part of the Australian team, is very excited to be working with our platform, “the biggest change that we see now is VELOCITY. Everyone needs to be live and/or have a strategy to address it. To this end we searched and found a piece of technology that was just too good to ignore – Rock Content. We believe it to be the answer.”

    Interested media and corporate customers from Australia, SEA and Oceania can contact our new Australian team at:

    Nigel Trinca and Bill Prescott

    Next Tense Pty Ltd

    Representing Rock Content

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Ph +61 414520828 +61 438844511

    Melbourne, Australia

    Access to the world’s leading live content solution is now available in your time zone, Australia!


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