Meet Voula V, Head of Talent Acquisition at Rock Content

    Culture is what makes an organization unique – the character, personality, and sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.

    In our Culture Corner series, we’ll be raising the curtain on the company culture here at Rock Content and sharing our journey. This is where you’ll also get insight into what to expect from the day-to-day Scribbler life and advice on how to be successful during the recruitment process.

    You’ll be hearing firsthand from Scribblers about their experiences at Rock Content, and have the opportunity to interact with them by leaving comments or questions.

    To kickoff this series, Voula V, Rock Content’s Head of Talent Acquisition, shares her journey from new hire to now.

    So who is Voula?

    I’m Rock Content’s Head of Talent Acquisition and have been in recruitment for the past 12 years. Most of my recruitment experience has been in retail, given my fashion background. But I knew I wanted to do something BOLD with my career. So I did what scared me the most…I decided to get into tech!

    After making this decision and announcing it to the universe, a friend introduced me to Rock Content.

    What was my Rock Content recruitment experience like?

    To be honest, I had no idea what Rock Content was before my friend introduced me. But I did my research so I was prepared when I came into the office.

    From the first step into the office, I already had a really great impression. To my delight, I was greeted by the best Office Manager I’ve ever met and could feel the energy in the office. I knew I somehow belonged here.

    Next step was to actually interview. I was immediately invited back after my initial in-person interview to meet with whom would later be my boss. Soon after, I was invited back to meet the CEO, Vince Mifsud.

    I received my job offer before I even got into my car and started a few days later! They don’t waste time at Rock Content and were in constant communication so I knew my status during the recruitment process.

    What made me decide to work here?

    After meeting my potential manager during the 2nd interview, I knew we had great synergy and so, I really wanted to work with him. I was so excited to join the company and haven’t stopped smiling since. Literally.

    (I often wonder if my boss had known beforehand how much I talk AND laugh, would he have made the same decision?)

    Did I make the right choice?

    Four months in, I still feel like I’ve made the right choice (I think the feeling is mutual as well with Rock Content).
    I love the fast pace and agile environment. Moving from one initiative to the next, one interview and meeting after the other no matter what part of the world the candidates and hiring managers are located in, no matter the time zone.

    I love fast paced environments and this has been one amazing ride since Day 1.

    ** Make note: If it wasn’t already obvious, to be successful here, you must love to work in a fast paced environment!**

    What’s it like working at Rock Content?

    Before I say what it’s like to work at Rock Content, let me tell you a little about Rock Content as a company. What’s important to know is that we’re one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, we move fast, and we’re very agile.

    We are a privately owned global company with Headquarters in Toronto, but have offices in London, Dubai, Berlin, Munich, New York, San Francisco and many more to come. We are a tech team that includes engineering and product, marketing, sales, customer success, and of course finance and HR. Today, we have almost 200 employees and are aimed to double in size over the next 18 months.

    The pace, passion, and professionalism is no different than organizations I’ve worked for in the past. I was, and remain, very impressed. If I was to describe characteristics that everyone shares, they would be hard working, always wanting to learn and improve, and acting with integrity. Along with that, each person also gets the opportunity to have their voice heard, is given lots of autonomy, and contributes to decision-making.

    The only notable difference that I’ve noticed between my previous experiences and at Rock Content is that there’s limited on-boarding and training, so one must hit the ground running and be comfortable working independently. Having a more comprehensive onboarding experience is something that my group is actively working on with various departments. Our goal is to improve this experience because we believe that having a strong foundation right from the start will enable Scribblers achieve success in their role.

    We are a mighty global team with talented experts in each vertical. We work in an open and sharing environment, each person striving to achieve the best results. We work with passion and pride and it can sometimes be timely and energy consuming…but definitely worth it!

    What I’m excited about as I continue my journey at Rock Content

    Many things about my journey at Rock Content excite me. First thing would be the potential for career growth. I have seen over a handful of individuals who started around the time I did already be promoted to leadership roles. The fact that Scribblers’ hard work and energy get noticed and rewarded really elevates my energy.

    Secondly, the collaboration and synergy between the various global teams is mindblowing. Everyone works so closely together. Their opinions and feedback really do mean something to the team members and, although many opinions do vary more often than not, the teams stand united. It’s unlike anything I have experienced at previous companies and I think it’s a very admirable environment.

    I would also say working at Rock Content brings an element of surprise and spontaneity to my day because every day can be so different. Sometimes, it’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.

    And let’s not forget the people. It’s the type of crowd where we all “get” each other – we’re open, encourage sharing, and make a lot of effort to understand each other. In the Toronto office, there’s definitely a huge mutual feeling of love for the “Breakfast Bananas, Burrito Boyz + Dorito Party Mix”.

    Advice to future Scribblers

    My best advice to any future Scribbler is to expect something different everyday. One must be open and comfortable working in an ever changing fast paced environment.

    But most importantly… enjoy the ride!

     With our growing global business, I am always excited to hear from those that are interested in being a part of our team. As an open networker, please reach out at [email protected] or connect with me today

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