mesh09: We’re back!

    mesh conference

    Just 10 months ago we launched our Beta at the mesh conference in Toronto and it’s been a wild ride ever since. Erick Schonfeld and our friends at TechCrunch put us on the map with a great article back in May 2008 and the mesh community really helped launch us onto the scene.

    Well this year we’re back at mesh09 and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve teamed up with the mesh guys and we’re pleased to unveil the official liveblogging site for the conference at

    Using our Enterprise liveblogging platform, everyone’s invited to liveblog the sessions in real-time using our collaborative environment. Just use your Twitter, Facebook, MSN Live, or OpenID account to login. It’s easy to start your own liveblog or join-in with others. Pull in tweets about your session from a Twitter live-search, and crosspost to your own blog with WordPress integration or embeds.

    We’re inviting everyone to try out the site before the conference and drop us a line if you have any suggestions/questions/comments/rants 😉

    Look forward to seeing everyone at mesh09!

    mesh liveblogging site powered by Rock Content


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