Meta To Launch Twitter Competitor Platform In Coming Months

meta twitter competitor

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If you are following the Twitter saga, you know that Elon Musk bought the platform and has made controversial changes to say the least on the microblogging site.

In response to the news, which has not pleased many users and brands, other platforms have emerged as alternatives. Either to post short texts for a specific audience or to follow your favorite creators.

Mastodon and Bluesky are among the possible replacements for the model used by Twitter. Now, Meta also entered the race and announced the launch of its own microblogging platform for a select group of people, called “Threads”.

Will this be the next big app of the time?

Meta Announcements

Meta owns social media platforms used by billions of people around the world: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger. This can guarantee a good competitive advantage for the company, since it has access to the users of these platforms — and all the technology and knowledge accumulated until the time of launch.

The new app does not yet have an official name, but it was announced for a small group of people, among actors, producers, athletes and comedians, and should arrive soon.

The leaked information was published by some creators and news sites, who shared the already known details about the new Twitter competitor.

What we know about the platform

Meta’s app will exist independently, but will be integrated into Instagram.The user will be able to keep their username, and their followers will be notified so they can follow them on the new platform, thus making it easier to build an audience from the get go.

Despite this, the app will be decentralized. That is, users of other apps, such as Mastodon, will be able to search and interact with profiles and content on Meta’s platform.

Until then, the feed will be very similar to Twitter and users will have 500 characters to use in their posts. It will also be possible to post links, images and videos.

Some Instagram security features will also be maintained. For example, the words and users blocked on this network will remain the same in the new app.

What reaction can we expect from the public?

It is still too early to know whether Meta’s bet will be successful. But the advantage and the search for an app that replaces Twitter once and for all could lead to a successful launch.

Users are already used to the company’s applications and the integration with Instagram can facilitate the use of the new platform. Users will likely be able to log in with the same credentials, making the process even easier.

Despite the recurrent need to promote security-related improvements, Meta already has resources that allow the public to trust its services. And the intention is that the new competitor of Twitter will continue to improve these mechanisms to ensure a minimally secure environment for its users and advertisers.

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