MINI Uses Marketing Apps to Create a Limited Edition Hardtop

Why not make a stressful, intimidating situation a little less horrible and a little more fun? That’s exactly what MINI has done with car shopping - and all with the use of marketing apps. Read More.

    Around six months ago, I was in a major dilemma — one that everyone experiences and a major decision that comes quite a few times throughout one’s life — buying a car. Now, I’m easy-to-please. Get me from point A to point B with a nice smooth ride and good fuel efficiency and we’re good to go. But the experience of buying a car is easily one of the most stressful and frustrating situations to be in. Here you are trying to decide which car is best for you, spending thousands of dollars, and being hounded by sharks to grab those thousands right out of your hands with little time to think.

    So why not make it fun? Why not make a stressful, intimidating situation a little less horrible? That’s exactly what MINI has done — and all with the use of marketing apps. I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys going on auto websites to build my dream car with their “Build Your Own” tools, hoping one day that all the add ons that I want would be somewhat affordable.

    MINI Lets Site Visitors Decide Their Next Limited Edition Design

    MINI is no different. They have their “Build One Now” tool just like most other competitors. The difference is that MINI offered the chance to be, what they call, “You-nique.”

    MINI recently launched the Final Test Test Drive contest to promote the new MINI TwinPower Turbo and a faster MINI Hardtop. Owners submitted their ideas for how to put the new turbo to the test. Ten winners were picked and partnered with a designer to create their ultimate MINI Package.

    MINI’s Simple Use of Marketing Apps

    But how did MINI use this to their advantage to attract visitors that weren’t already customers? Easy… VOTE! The ten winner’s packages were published on MINI’s website for all to see and vote on. As the visitor, you were able to view all ten ideas, see any details about the packages, and cast your vote for the best one. You as the visitor were offered the opportunity to be a part of the decision process to make a limited edition MINI Originals package available to buy.

    This is one of the best uses I’ve seen of marketing apps lately. Not only is it a blast to see the ideas the winners came up with, but MINI allowed us to be a part of the decision process for a limited edition MINI. And all while we’re having fun on our end, they are generating leads! And next time those voters go to buy a car, they’ll remember the time they offered their vote for the limited edition MINI design, and maybe, just maybe, that MINI dealership down the road is the first place they’ll walk in and say “I’m here to test drive the new TwinPower Turbo MINI Hardtop!”

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