What is Mobile Marketing and how to use this strategy

What is Mobile Marketing and how to use this strategy

    More people are using mobile devices daily. Such as predicted by Marshall McLuhan, these gadgets became human extensions, and we don’t leave home without them. 

    This growing scenario is bringing a lot of good opportunities to brands that want to closer to their consumers. 

    By using Mobile Marketing strategies, your business will be able to reach customers at any time and anywhere, providing important content.

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    What is Mobile Marketing

    It’s an online marketing strategy that uses mobile devices channels to reach a specific audience

    These gadgets became the key to communication with all kinds of people. Through them, your brand may connect with consumers 24h per day, wherever they are.

    Researches show that 67,95% of the mondial population has a mobile device — this means over 5 billion people in the world. 

    It’s an error to think in a digital strategy without including Mobile Marketing. 

    By using Mobile Marketing, your customers can, quite literally, carry your brand in their pockets.


    What are the benefits of this strategy

    It’s important to know the benefits of using Mobile Marketing in your digital strategy. Below, we’ll explain the more important ones. 

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    1. Agility and facility to reach the consumer

    Such as we said, over 5 billion people carry their mobile devices in their pockets. 

    It means your brand can reach a consumer almost instantaneously and easily, like SMS or push notification if you offer an app.

    2. Audience segmentation by local

    Mobile devices can tell you exactly where your audience is. Besides, you have access to important data, such as who is near your business.

    This information allows you to create actions to get to customers, such as discounts for those who saw your brand in some GPS App, like Waze or Google Maps. 

    You also may create ad campaigns targeting people that are nearby.

    3. Sales growth at mobile channels

    When we think about shopping online, we must remember that 82% of internet users in the USA use mobile devices to do it, and 35% of them use only them to buy.

    Besides, mobile buyers spend two times more than other consumers

    The expectation is an increase in the number of people who use their smartphones to buy.

    4. Impulsive buying

    One reason for mobile sales growth is impulsive buying. If the consumers have your product at their reach on the phone, they probably won’t think before making the buying decision.


    How Mobile Marketing work

    There are many ways to reach your target audience. One of them is by using mobile devices connected to the internet. 

    We’ve listed some types of Mobile Marketing strategies that you may apply to increase your sales. Check it out below!

    SMS Marketing

    Short Message Service or SMS is an option to achieve your consumers’ mobile devices even if they don’t have an internet connection. 

    It’s a low-cost way to communicate with many people at the same time, as long as your message is short.

    Nowadays, it’s common to use SMS for transactional messages, informing consumers about the status of their shopping. 

    That’s a way to offer a good buyer experience to them.

    Wi-Fi Marketing

    Brands can use Wi-Fi Marketing strategies to promote themselves. A restaurant can offer free Wi-Fi connection for customers that check-in at the business via social media apps.

    App Marketing

    App marketing example
    Source: App Builder

    The bigger advantage of App Marketing is bringing the consumer to a competition-free environment.

    The app also allows your brand to send personalized push notifications. That’s a direct channel to communicate with your audience anytime you want.

    Mobile Ad Marketing

    There are some apps you can use to reach your audience through paid ads. Some of them allow you to create interactive experiences, such as discounts on GPS apps.

    Search engines like Google offer a lot of opportunities to promote your brand in mobile devices.

    Mobile games

    mobile game example
    Source: 8Volution

    Mobile games also offer ways to promote your brand. Besides the banners, pop-ups, and video ads, it’s possible to make your product be part of the game. 

    That allows the player to interact with your brand and live an experience with it.

    QR codes and barcodes

    QR codes and barcodes are resources that allow the interaction between on and offline.

    You may use QR codes in a business card, promotional flyer, or printed product catalog. 

    This way, you can drive the consumer to the shopping cart by using the smartphone camera.


    How to build a Mobile Marketing strategy

    There are a lot of resources to build a Mobile Marketing strategy. To get the best results, you have to think strategically. 

    To do it, follow these steps:

    • set your goals;
    • adapt your buyer personas to the mobile environment;
    • choose the types of Mobile Market that best fit your goals and personas;
    • define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the results.

    5 tips you may use to improve your results

    Building a Mobile Marketing plan is like any other marketing strategy. Some details can improve your results, so don’t forget to include the following elements in your plans. 

    1. Use a responsive site and content

    One of the most important factors to reach success in a Mobile Marketing strategy is your website. 

    So, make sure the pages and the content follow the mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

    Google punishes the sites that don’t adapt to these devices, especially when the pages take a long time to load.

    2. Use Google My Business

    Google Maps is a tool that many of your consumers use on their mobile devices. So, consider registering your company on Google My Business.

    Your brand will be more easily found both in mobile and desktop, especially by location.

    google my business page

    3. Build a Mobile App

    A big part of the customers (51% of them, according to Think With Google) use mobile apps to shopping or searching products on their smartphones. That happens because they can get rewards or points.

    Building a Mobile App may worth the investment because, as we said before, it’s a competition-free environment.

    4. Use SMS and push notification

    Nowadays, we use our smartphones to text more than to make calls. So, it’s easier for the consumer to read a message.

    In this context, push notification and SMS are better than other types of approaches.

    5. Create QR codes to incorporate in other channels

    If you want to drive your audience directly to the shopping cart, use QR codes. Even if your touchpoint is offline, you’ll have a chance to close the sale without interferences.

    The codes work like a link directly to a specific page. Your consumers don’t need to type anything. All they have to do is point the smartphone camera to the QR code and get the content instantaneously.

    You may create your codes on platforms like Kaywa.

    kaywa qr code

    Mobile Marketing strategies render a lot of good sales opportunities for companies. To improve your relationship with customers, let them be closer to your brand.

    Using Mobile Marketing is not just a trend. It’s becoming mandatory. This way, you can keep your business up in the market and grow it.

    Now you know what the Mobile Marketing strategies are and how to use them, it’s time to learn more about what Digital Marketing channels you may use. Check it out!

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