Monday’s Must-Reads: Greggs Wins at Social; Nike Showcases Design

    We’ve rounded up some must-reads from the worlds of content marketing, social media and advertising. This week’s offering shows that content marketing continues to go through growing pains as it takes shape.

    Content Marketing’s Growing Up

    Let’s start with some good news. What is content marketing? Businesses are still trying to define it, but they’ve just about nailed it, says Forbes writer Jayson DeMers. That’s one of the top seven content marketing trends dominating 2014. Among his other predictions is that the need to measure content marketing efforts will spur new niche software companies that do just that.

    Social Media ROI Still a Pain Point

    However, problems of measurement linger. Marketers still struggle to measure social media ROI. The State of Corporate Social Media 2014 report shows companies have made little progress in measuring the ROI of their social media efforts and that hasn’t changed much in four years. Among corporate executives, 66.5 percent said they are unable to measure social media ROI. Yet 48.7 percent of respondents say activity and engagement with a profile is a top KPI for social media.

    Marketers Gain Traction at Companies

    Data show strong support for content marketing departments. Fifty-five percent of marketers overall and 60 percent of B2B marketers plan to hire this year. The credibility of the CMO role is increasing with key business leaders, according to the eighth annual State of Marketing report by the CMO Council. The survey of 525 marketers worldwide found that 54 percent of marketers will increase their budgets over the next 12 months and 27 percent will leave their budgets unchanged. Fifty-three percent of B2B marketers will increase their budgets, according to AdAge’s report on the findings.

    Doughy Mess Ends Well

    Poetry in motion — that best describes the social media response by UK bakery chain Greggs last week to an objectionable logo appearing in Google searches for the company. The Telegraph reports that the company reached out to Google UK on Twitter with a photo of donuts simply with: fix the logo and these are yours. The Twitter exchange that followed was simply too good for words — and a marketing lesson well played.

    43 Years of Nike Design

    Nike Inc. is showcasing 43 years of its design with the digital campaign Genealogy of Innovation. The campaign, which launched in June, highlights 200 shoes and football boots from the company archives starting with the The Nike football boot from 1971, according to a company news release. The online campaign launched after exhibitions at Nike’s Phenomenal House installations in Paris, London and Berlin earlier in the summer.

    These examples further prove that while virality cannot be predicted, planned or bought, the upfront planning that goes into digital marketing, engagement and, most importantly, crisis response, proves key to successful content marketing efforts.


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