Motion graphics cost: how much is it and why is it worth it

Motion graphics cost is not always as high as marketers think. It is possible to achieve good results at an affordable price but, to do so, you need to know how to manage projects properly.

motion graphics cost and price

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When marketers hear “video” or “motion graphic”, most of them tend to think one of three things — difficult, expensive, or both. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Motion graphics cost can be affordable if they are based on important concepts such as inspiration and a lot of process.

It is also essential to follow valuable tips such as outsourcing and keeping the work simple but well-qualified.

Motion graphics can be very useful when designing data visualizations that deal with a complex subject or require a narrative guideline to explain what’s going on. 

In this post, we will show some tips to an affordable motion graphic price, without that meaning low quality. You will check:

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How motion graphics price is built

Do you know how is built motion graphics price? Several factors influence how much companies will pay for this content. Learning about them is essential to make the right choices and pay cheaper. Check them out below!

Market credibility

Professionals and studios that have been in the market for a long time have credibility and can charge more. It may be a good option to look for services from small companies, but that has a good portfolio of projects already done. Thus, it is possible to have an affordable motion graphics cost.

Daily/Hourly Rate

There are two types of charging for motion graphics services: daily or hourly rates. Check the prices that companies and professionals charge and choose the type that generates the best cost-benefit.

Level of Difficulty

The harder the project is to produce, the more expensive it will be. This type of pricing is something common in any market, not different in motion graphics. The best solution may be the search for simpler but high-quality productions, aiming at lower costs.

Running time

Motion graphics price also changes according to the duration of the final content. So if you have a limited budget, choose something shorter. You can get great results, even with smaller productions.

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Important tips on limiting motion graphics cost

Marketers and managers often have to deal with small budgets for their campaigns, which can lead to difficulties in more complete productions.

There is a common sense that motion graphics costs are high, but this is not an absolute truth. With good practices, it is possible to limit expenses and work with all kinds of budgets.

It is necessary to adapt the production, outsource, and work with skilled professionals to achieve great results without high costs.

Check below a few tips to have a low motion graphic cost but a great result.

1. Take your time

Time can work for you. If you’re creating material things, typically they will look better the longer you have to look at or think about them. Sometimes projects can take months to be finished, so taking a break and then coming back helps exponentially.

Sometimes that can be the differentiator for an excellent result. Insisting on a project that, creatively, does not bring results can generate stress and a higher cost. 

2. Mix media

Some elements are better created in real life than with a computer. Why not just drop a ball and photograph/film it, instead of creating a 3-D animation of a ball dropping? Photographed physical elements have a trueness that computerized imagery doesn’t, so this can be part of the look.

In visual marketing strategies, seeking tools of all kinds to bring ideas to life is the best way to control motion graphics price.

3. Keep it simple

Simple things usually look better and are faster to create. Leverage your brain by thinking about how to make the simplest iteration instead of doodling on the computer. Doodling adds complexity.

Think of someone doodling on a napkin: how often do they just draw one line? They usually draw 10 lines over and over. One line is usually a better form of communication.

Productivity and process agility also represent better budget management. When you keep it simple, it is easier to succeed in your video marketing strategy.

4. Repurpose

Build a library of good ideas, designs, illustration techniques. There will always be amazing treatments, projects, and concepts discarded by other clients that can now be redirected to other projects. Be sure to save all your versions and experiments.

Undoubtedly, this archived content generates two main advantages — higher productivity, since it is possible to reuse ideas that weren’t applied, and cost savings.

5. Get inspired

Sometimes it is good to get inspired by past projects, especially those of success. When you do that, you don’t have to experiment so much. The physical process of going through the movements is usually enough to kick start your brain.

Inevitably, the project turns out to be something different. Inspiration is just a place to start!

6. Outsource

Your staff will not always be able to deliver a specific result with the quality that you expect. Skills are essential, and if they are not present in your team, it is necessary to seek them in an outside professional. That’s why outsourcing is so important.

In some cases, outsourcing is also a way to reduce project costs. It’s more advantageous to get someone who is a specialist for a single work than to hire them permanently.

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7. Hire talent

Working with talented people is essential to achieving excellent results in projects. While saving is important, earning is also necessary. The only way to accomplish successful outcomes is to build a team with skilled professionals.

If your employees are skilled, you can develop more significant projects. This condition enables optimum cost management.

When and where it is actually worth saving money on

A project needs to have quality above all else. Therefore, it is not always possible to reduce motion graphics costs because it can lead to unsatisfactory results.

The search is to find a balance — a great final product at an affordable cost compared to the company’s budget.

That’s why it’s important to know when and where it’s worth saving money:

  • It’s possible to save when your resources deliver the same result as the more expensive ones.
  • It’s possible to save by outsourcing.
  • It’s not recommended saving by using low-quality software.
  • It’s not recommended saving by using outdated and low-quality equipment.
  • It’s not recommended saving by outsourcing motion graphics to studios without a good portfolio.

The motion graphics cost can be affordable if your company knows how to manage a project. Regardless if it is an interactive video marketing, music video, or a brand campaign, good results are only achieved by skilled professionals, which does not need to be expensive.


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